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A list of various techniques that can be used to Astral Project.




            Astral Projection (AP) is the ability to be able to visit the Astral Plane. Once you have reached the Astral Plane many things that are impossible on the Physical Plane become possible. To name a few things, you can shape-shift, communicate with entities, create an “Astral Temple,” use telepathy, view various locations on the Physical world and much more.


            There are many techniques for Astral Projecting, some good and some bad. Hopefully this article will contain a good amount of both however this is not meant to be the first article you read on Astral Projection. Rather this is a follow up article for people who have already researched basics Astral Projection.




            AP can be accomplished in many ways, admittedly, some safer than others. The most unsafe and accidental methods of AP are Out-of-Body-Experiences (OBEs) and Near-Death-Experiences (NDEs). You have probably heard stories of people who have come very close to death and have reported seeing family members and their body from above. These kinds of effects are due to Astral Projection.


The main driving force behind an OBE or NDE is stress. When the human body becomes extremely stressed out it triggers Astral Projection. Some sources of stress that can cause this effect are:

  • Illness
  • Depression
  • Starvation
  • Dehydration
  • Trauma
  • Pain
  • Being Attacked
  • Fear
  • Insomnia
  • Emotional/Physical stress



Going without food or water is definitely stressful for your body, which is why many people fast before AP. It is also helpful to avoid alcohol, caffeine and sugar before AP.




It’s true that many shamans use herbs and psychedelic drugs to Astral Project. However, it is probably best to stay away from the use of drugs because they can cause addictions and stunt your progress in AP.



            On the more positive side of techniques for helping you Astral Project, drums and music are very helpful. They help because they alter your thinking patterns and allow for a better transition into the Astral Plane as a result.


            Obviously Astral Projection is very natural while sleeping or meditating because of you altered state of awareness and consciousness.


            A very common technique you will hear about is climbing. To do this technique, visualize a rope that you will use to lift your Astral body out of your physical body. You then slowly pull yourself up and out of your body until you exist on the Astral Plane. To take this further you can actually put a rope above your bed. It should hang there securely and you can touch it to reassure your subconscious that it's really there.


It is suggested that you do these while in a bed since it provides the best area. These are done by feeling lighter/heavier and then rising out of your physical body or sinking out of your body & down through the materials under you. Or if you are rolling then by visualizing yourself rolling our of your body into the Astral Plane.


            Visualize yourself swinging (like in a rocking chair or playground swing) and slowly swinging out of your body into the Astral Plane.

The Vortex

            Visualize a vortex of 1 of the elements (Air, Fire, Water, Earth) moving from your feet to your head and slowly bringing your entire Astral body with it. Once it reaches your head feel your Astral body removed from your physical body.

The Elevator

            Visualize yourself inside an elevator that is slowly moving up to the 100th floor. As you rise sense your Astral body slowly separating from your physical body until it is completely detached when you reach the 100th floor.

Astral Travel vs. Astral Projection


            These two ideas often get confused because of their similarities however you need to understand that Astral Projection is just 1 out mainly 3 ways to Astral Travel. These 3 main forms include:

  • Mental Projection (Easiest)
  • Astral Projection (Moderate)
  • Etheric Projection (Hardest & Dangerous)


Subtle Bodies


Subtle bodies are what you would call the different forms you can take while Astral Traveling. The subtle bodies range in density and the different forms include:

  • Casual Body
  • Mental Body
  • Astral Body
  • Etheric Body
  • Physical Body 

Mental Projection


Mental Projection is basically a low level form of Astral Projection that happens when you are awake and aware. It’s still something that needs effort to do, but it can happen without you noticing. Mental Projection is similar to ''day dreaming'' in which you are still awake but your mind is focused solely on the Astral Plane.


To begin mentally projecting either sit, stand or lie down and stare off into your mind. Let yourself begin to day dream as you relax your mind. When you feel completely relaxed attempt to push your actually sight further and try to attach it to something solid such as a wall or door while using as little visualization as possible.  Once you get settled on your solid object, concentrate on finding solid ground and then forming your Mental Body by recalling how it feels to stand and so forth. Then use what feels like legs to stand up and anchor yourself outside of your Physical Body.


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Jul 19, 2019
I have tried many ways to AP but i havent succeed there any easyway to priject out astral body out of our physical body...

Aug 31, 2019
Yeah like a spell

Apr 22, 2020
What is etheric projection exactly? Does it correlate with OBEs and NDEs?

Apr 22, 2020
When your astral form leaves your physical, the realm between the physical and the astral is the ethereal, so that would be ''etheric projection.'' Out of body experiences would be what most would call it when they are unsure of the term ''astral projection'' [when I was first starting out, every exercise told me to turn and look at my physical form lying on the bed. The idea of doing so freaked me out so much it would shock my astral self back into the physical] as for near-death experiences, I would need to research it a bit more, but it is similar, so one could argue it's the same.

Dec 07, 2020
Mental protection comes easily to me, but Astral and Etheric scares me. Anyone who can help me with this?

Dec 10, 2020
What scares you exactly? It took me a long time to project because I was scared of seeing my physical form lying on my bed as I floated around the room. [the odd workaround I found was to cover my face with a pillow] Once I was comfortable leaving my physical body, I stopped using the pillow, but the first few times I would simply float to the ceiling, or leave my body and go over to my desk without looking back. Nothing bad will happen to your physical form [your body has natural energetic barriers protecting you] but if that's your concern, you can ward your room before attempting, and start small, just leave for a few seconds and return. Stay in your room, just above your bed [or wherever you are when you project] so you can get comfortable with simply stepping out.

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