Covens Eclipse
Here in Eclipse, our goal and focus is to help members acknowledge and discover that which is beyond ordinary perception. We hope that members can not only find information, knowledge, and wisdom about themselves, their path, and various aspects of magic but also find a family and home with support, caring, and open minds.

"With light, life, love, and laughter; in accordance with eternal law!".

More about Eclipse

Greetings and welcome to Eclipse!

Eclipses are what people and animals have seen since the day Earth has had life. These are consider wondrous events throughout different cultures in our history and an amazing sight in science. Eclipses are told throughout the world in myth, legend, stories, and real life. Many details are hidden within these special occasions.

Here in Eclipse, we are a serious yet open minded group of practitioners. We encourage spiritual as well as physical growth and that you gain as much knowledge as possible. We want you to feel at home. We are family. We do not judge you based on beliefs, gender, path, culture, disability, or anything like that. Everyone can learn and grow within a coven. We will help and guide you to the best of our abilities. Though we won't spoon feed you. It is a important part to learn, study, and do research yourself as a practitioner.

What we offer?

There are different things that people want to learn, share, and teach. This list will be updated daily with the new stuff we have to offer as members bring and suggest it. Here are the following:

. The Basics

. Astrology

. Energy Work

. Divination

. Dream Interpretation

. Greek Mythology

. Norse Mythology

. Psychic Development

. Spirit Work

. Healing Herbs

. Altered States

. Stones and Crystal Info.

. A Loving Family and much more!

. We also have a Chakra Test


We explain each rule and why it is set in the coven forums. Please do check those out if you join the coven!

I. Respect and Trust

II. No role-playing

III. No plagiarism

IV. Stay active

V. Absolutely no drama will be tolerated

VI. No harassment of any kind

That is a list of the general coven rules that apply. Additional rules will be added in the forums and on here as we need them. We expect you to follow these rules at all cost. All further information on the rules and if you break them will be discussed.

Anyone inactive for a month without telling the leaders, council, or posting in our forums why will be removed from the coven.

How to join Eclipse

We ask all members and applicants to be at least 14 years old before joining the coven. In order to be considered and accepted in this coven you MUST send an answered Application below. Answer the questions below and send them to Priestess Akasha Wolf through the site messaging system. All members who do not send in an application within a day will be rejected. Those who do not send in an application will not be accepted. Your application shall not be given to any other member and will only be looked at by the leaders. Best wishes on getting accepted!

Please message Priestess Akasha Wolf with the following information:

  1. I. Make sure you have a profile picture and a bio. If you can't do either then please explain why. You will be given a time limit on how long you have to upload something. You do not need a picture of yourself.
  2. II. How old are you?
  3. III. What is your path and what do you practice? Now and before.
  4. IV. How many years of practice, study, and experience have you had in your workings as a practitioner?
  5. V. What are you interested in learning and what can you share with the coven?
  6. VI. How active can you be?
  7. VII. List all previous account names you have had on SoM and state what covens they were in, if any.
  8. VIII. What else would you like to share about yourself?

If you get rejected or not accepted and wonder why then please contact one of the leaders of the coven or a council member.

Sister Covens:

Show our sister covens with as much kindess and respect as possible. Disrespect towards our sister covens will not be tolerated. That goes for the coven and all it's members. If you have an issue with one of thier members then message the leaders of that coven.

. Council of Knowledge - Priestess: ZRosach, Priest: SandDune

We wish love, luck, and happiness to all our members!


High Priestess Akasha Wolf


High Priestess
High Priest
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