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These rituals and articles have been added by the Coven of Eclipse. Questions or comments regarding anything on these pages should be directed toward them.

To add an article to this book you must be level Council or above in Eclipse.

  • Astral Projection
    An article pertaining to Astral Projection.
  • Astral Projection
    This a quick Article on Astral Projection. Same questions that are asked and my method on how to Astral Project.
  • Astral Projection Exercise
    'Trains' you for AP and tends to make it easier when the time comes.
  • Banishing Spray and Wash
    Some of us are portals for spirits. Some of us have many negative spirits visit us.
  • Binding Variances
    Shows a few different bindings, and how they can be changed to suit your intent.
  • Breaking the Bonds of Addiction
    This ritual is for both physical and psychological addictions. Its purpose is to cut away the negativity from your life, replacing it with positivity.
  • Candle Anointing Oil (members only)
    Use this to anoint your candles before using them during your spell and ritual work.
  • Casting A Circle (members only)
    This explains why and how you should cast your circle when practicing.
  • Citrine
    This article will provide information on the properties and uses of Citrine.
  • Cleansing Crystals 101
    This article will provide you with different methods for crystal cleansing.
  • Clearing and Breathing Exercise
    This article explains the importance of breathing and how to clear your energy.
  • Color Correspondences
    This article will offer you information on different color correspondences.
  • Consecration of Ritual Tools
    This consecration is for blessing your tools.
  • Crystals for Beginners (members only)
    Want to know what crystals are best to start out with? How to choose them? All these answers and more in this article.
  • Doppelganger (Fetch)
    Have you ever seen an apparition of yourself or someone living you know? Ever want to know what it means?
  • Dragons and Magic (members only)
    A brief explanation of cultural beliefs on dragons, elemental dragons and the magic attributes they possess
  • How to write a Spell
    This article teaches you how to write a spell.
  • Introduction to Herbal Magick
    A brief article that explains herb magick and medicine.
  • Invocation of Hecate (members only)
    Use this to invoke Hecate when you need her guidance. I caution you when invoking to use extreme respect. Remember you are asking for their help, not the other way around.
  • Labradorite
    This article provides information on the gemstone Labradorite, from correspondences to uses.
  • Lapis Lazuli
    This article provides some of the many properties of the gemstone Lapis Lazuli.
  • Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (members only)
    Written by Tim Maroney. Submitted by Sabbath
  • Mercury in Retrograde
    Information on Mercury's Retrograde.
  • Nidstang Curse
    An ancient Scandinavian method of cursing.
  • Psychic Attacks and Sleep Paralysis
    This article explains sleep paralysis vs psychic attacks. I also explain what may cause it.
  • Starting out Hellenic
    An article designed for anyone who is new to the Hellenic religion and needs to understand the deities themselves.
  • The Atlantean Power Rod (members only)
    Below is the basic steps to the building of your own energy rod.
  • The Black, The White and The Grey
    An article discussing and outlining some definitions for "Black", "White" and "Grey" Magic/k.
  • The Elemental Cross
    Please use this for an extreme situation where protection is needed. It is a very powerful protective charm. It must be followed exactly or it will not work! If you have questions ask before beginning and READ EVERYTHING first.
  • The Witch's Ladder (members only)
    A 'Witch's Ladder' is a multi-purpose tool used in witchcraft. It can be used for a variety of subjects.

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