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Name: Akasha0Wolf
Birthday: Sep 15 1994
Location: Las Vegas (Sin City)
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 11 Feb 2021

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Hello, my magickal name is Akasha Wolf and I am 23 (Virgo haha born old). I am a empath, herblist, clairvoyant (the ablities run in the family),telepath, Automatic Writer, Clairaudient, Clairsentient ect., I study numerology and astrology, and I am a psychic reader (tarot). I have started Tarot lessons on my Facebook page. I have alot of knowledge on spirits(ghost). Priestess of my family coven Phantom Phoenix and online coven Eclipse. Im am a eclectic pagan solitary witch(Although I do have covens)(Norse). I also do practice Buddhism, I am a Dsciple under Master Chan Hai Deloon (Nancy Barr). My Buddha name is Hai Man(said like Hi Moon).Full Buddha name is Chan Hai Deloon Hai Man(Your Master shares their name with you) . Im am very open minded about the craft, study all kinds of magick. Ive learn to air bend and fire bend (NOT like Avatar nothing dramatic, Its my connection to those elements its NOT like making fire come from the air ). I am now starting more studies on Shamanism. I am also writing a book. Check out my Channel on youtube I started posting videos about different things about witchcraft. Ask me anything.

If any members of my COVEN have threatened you or anything that breaks the rules of the site please inform me.

Book Readings: On Facebook @AkashaWolfServices

Instagram: erika0akasha

Wicca Amino: Akasha Wolf

SnapChat: akashawolf

***PLEASE KNOW*** that I can not perform any spells for you, I can only help with spells. I do perform spells for others, but only those located in my area. But I will perform healing spells and Dhramas for anyone. Also please leave a Subject when sending a message to me :). Know that I am very busy and will get to your messages as soon as I can. Thank you

Spirit Animals: Wolf, Octopus, Cat, & Owl

Zodiac Birth Chart:

Sun Virgo~~~~~~~~~~~Ascendant Sagittarius

Moon Aquarius~~~~~~~II Capricorn

Mercury Libra~~~~~~~III Aquarius

Venus Scorpio~~~~~~~IV Pisces

Mars Cancer~~~~~~~~~V Aries

Jupiter Scorpio~~~~~VI Taurus

Saturn Pisces~~~~~~~VII Gemini

Uranus Capricorn~~~~VIII Cancer

Neptune Capricorn~~~IX Leo

Pluto Scorpio~~~~~~~Midheaven Virgo

Lilith Taurus~~~~~~~XI Libra

Asc node Scorpio~~~~XII Scorpio


I had a photo taken of my aura, you may take a look at it in my photos.