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Grounding (and meditating) before spells and rituals is important, but why, you might ask?

Grounding is the process of releasing all negative or otherwise unwanted energy back into the earth and drawing in positive or otherwise wanted energy from the earth, typically via visualizing or feeling energy tingles move throughout your body, into and out of the floor.


many people do this so that the end result of a spell or ritual isn't contaminated by the wrong energy, similar to chefs washing their hands so the wrong bacteria doesn't get into the final product. Sometimes not grounding won't affect the results, much like how a chef not washing their hands might not be bad if it's only them eating the food, but if a spell takes any energy from you, it's best to play it safe and ground, releasing the negative energy and absorbing the positive energy.


While we're on the same topic, meditating is also crucial to the pre-spell preparations, because not only is it good for everything, including magick, because it gets you into the right headspace, but spiritually, it can help you focus on manifesting your desired results- After all, if, say, you are thinking about somebody else while casting a love spell, you may end up with an ineffective spell, or worse, the spell backfires, causing the wrong person to fall in love.


There are many articles and spells that teach about different ways to ground and meditate, so I recommend doing your own research and figure out what's best for you. Blessed may you be on your travels!

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Jul 28, 2021
this was very informative, thanks

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