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Name: crisalicorn
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Beginner and casual witch. I first started practicing rituals and spells from this site back in 2019, but I only recently made an account to further ground myself in witchcraft and general pagan practices.
What I have experience in:
- Many forms of divination, including Numerology, Tarot, Hydromancy, Pendulums, and the classic 'staring into a crystal ball.'
- Herbalism, to a limited degree- I use herbs, but don't research their traits.
- Sigils- I use pre-made ones and sometimes make my own. the ones I make are mediocre at best, since I haven't done a tried and true sigil-making method yet.
- Consecration and Enchantment- This one I do often and have grown to become highly skilled at; Sometimes I bless accessories on their own, or sometimes I make a small batch of holy water and dip items/ingredients into it for extra divine energy.
- Demonology - I consider myself a 'grey' witch, as I practice both the left-hand path and the right-hand path, and as such, I work with both helpful and mischievous spirits, ranging from the fae to demons to the moon goddess to Lilith.
- Spell Crafting - I make spells because, for personal reasons, I can't acquire common ingredients used in witchcraft, so I write my own spells using the ingredients I do have. Most of them utilize the concept of 'Manifestation' to reach the desired result, e.g writing down what you want on a piece of paper and then doing extra stuff to make that paper magickal, but sometimes I go all out and use prayers, stones, the moon cycles, knot magick, wands, potions, what have you.
- Hexes - No, I'm not going to hex someone for you. I cast lesser hexes and curses, such as bad luck, when I see fit (and rarely at that)- If you have problems with someone, you deal with it how you want, but I'm not going to deal with it for you.
- Wand Making - I had a wand made from a tree branch outside that I carved, but that broke, so I repurposed a long paintbrush handle into a wonderful wand by removing the brush part and putting my own energy into it; but hopefully I can find a nice branch again one day.
I hope to write articles and spells that help everyone on SOM further in their craft, so let me know if you have a spell suggestion in the forums, or you can mail me a spell/ritual/article request and I can write or publish it for you.
Blessed Be.