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Name: WickedWiccan
Location: Indiana
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 13 Jun 2024
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I may have a dark demon-like look for myself, but I'm a friendly one. I'm good at energy spells, crystal magic, *sigil* magic, and learning how to use candle and clairvoyance magic. That's the reason for the eye on the picture. I'm also learning to make my own spells. If you try to mail me, don't do it to much please. Still, feel free to drop in. I'll do my best to respond. I'd also really appreciate it that no member would try to hex or curse me.
Spells that I don't like to practice, but might as a last resort, are love, attraction, money, or mind manipulation spells. These not only would backfire most likely, but also what I consider a little unethical to human behavior to use.
However, spells that I do like to use are healing, weather, intuition, strength, and courage spells.