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Name: _Dyami_2
Birthday: Nov 6 1994
Location: USA
Gender: Female
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Known on my other socials as Elena Enchanted

Instagram: elena.enchanted

*** I have a course on my Youtube channel on all things magick, come check it out!***

So a little bit about myself .

  • I love to learn anything I can, whether it be performing magick to building a house. To me being willing to learn and continuously learning is one of the main reasons for life. I believe that knowledge is power.
  • I have been called into studying the spiritual world, earth and magick since I was 12 years old. I was drawn to it at first without even knowing what this really is. Since then I have learned some in my 14years of practice. I have studied many forms of magick and divination and mastered a few.
  • I do not follow any set religion, nor do I follow any set rules. I make my own path with my own ways that have been combined and rearranged with from what i learned over the past decade.

I'm on here to connect with fellow practitioners and I'm always up for learning more. Please Don't hesitate to ask me questions, or offer your own teachings or advice for me. I would love to meet you and talk with you. And maybe we could learn something from each other.

I have a youtube channel where I share some of my art and pagan life, as well as a patreon for more behind-the scenes and extra witchy goodies.

***PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE*** If you do reach out to me, please have common sense and at least brief knowledge of the way magic works. I do not tolerate obscene messages, ineligible grammar, fantasy creature fanatics, or harassment of any kind. Blessings to all. <3