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A few gemstones and their correspondences.

Tapping the Magick of stones today, most people wear gems because they are pretty. Witches, however, realize that crystals and gemstones can be used in spells, divination, meditating, dowsing etc.

Birthstones resonate with the zodiac signs to which they correspond. You can include crystals or gemstones in virtually any type of spell as an enhancement.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Wear them to enhance your own personal energy field. -
  • Put them as Talismans or Amulets. -
  • Display them in windows or near doors of your home to provide protection. -
  • Infuse magick potions with them.
  • Meditate with them.
  • Dowse with a crystal or gemstone pendulum.
  • Display them on your altar to attract positive energy.
  • Offer them to spirits or deities in return for assistance.
  • Gaze into them to reveal the past or future, like a crystal ball.

The powers of Crystals and Gemstones:

As you may know, different gemstones have several different powers and can have different functions regarding your spell work. Clear stones are best for mental and spiritual issues. Milky or Translucent stones are for emotional situations. Opaque stones for more physical matters. You can use gems alone or in combination with other substances to produce the results you desire in your spell work. The following are some guidelines for stones and their magickal properties:

Agate: A grounding stone. Use this stone to stabilize situations, or when you need a bit of extra strength or determination. Add it to a money Mojo bag if you are having trouble holding on to money. Green Moss Agate has healing and calming qualities. It works well in prosperity spells and attunes you to nature.

Amber: Although amber is not really a stone (fossilized pine sap), it is highly prized by witches as a powerful protection gem. Wear it or place it in an amulet for protection.

Amethyst: A purple quartz, this spiritual gem helps deepen meditation, remember dreams and improve psychic abilities. If you are in need of divine female assistance, offer a favorite deity an amethyst in return for her help.

Aquamarine: Simulates imagination and creativity, as well as increasing intuitive awareness, mental clarity, and connection to your higher self.

Aventurine : Green stone with gold flecks, ideal for attracting abundance or wealth.

Bloodstone: Associated with blood health and physical protection. Also used in spells for good luck, courage, and success.

Calcite: Calcite comes in a lot of colors, giving it variety for magickal use. Witches consider it a stone of purification and healing. It encourages spiritual growth, calms the mind, and aids in intellectual processes.

Carnelian: Promotes success, while also stimulating passion, sexual energy, courage, and initiative.

Chrysocolla: Helps remove disruptive energies in domestic situations and relationships. It also helps deal with changes and emotional pain.

Citrine: Yellow quartz, used for banishing nightmares and improving psychic abilities.

Diamond: Deepens commitment and trust. Enhances strength, bravery and attracts victory.

Emerald: Promotes clairvoyance and can be used for divination. Also promotes healing, growth, love, and resourcefulness.

Fluorite: Helps remove stress and negative energy. Improves concentration, intuition, and mental clarity.

Garnet: Promotes protection while also increasing love, passion, courage, and hope.

Hematite : Used to ground unbalanced energy and stabilize spells. Also associated with defense, healing, and justice.

Jade: Used in prosperity magick. Can also be used to enhance beauty, increase fertility, and inspire love.

Jasper: Red jasper is used mostly in love spells to stir up passion.Brown jasper aids physical healing; poppy jasper breaks blockages of negative energy.

Lapis Lazuli: Used to increase psychic ability and attract magickal insights. Use in meditation to deepen focus.

Malachite: A popular stone used for prosperity magick. Promotes protection while also warding off evil and strengthens intuition. Green witches use this stone for nature as it strengthens your connection with nature and promotes earth healing.

Moldavite: Improves your ability to communicate with spirits and deities. Use it to gain insight into your purpose in life.

Moonstone: Aids dream recall while also aiding in emotional grounding, increasing intuition, and benefiting all sorts of female health conditions.

Obsidian: Obsidian is ruled by Hecate and in turn is a favorite stone used to scry mirrors. Also boosts strength physically, emotionally, and helps break down emotional blockages. Use snowflake obsidian for protection.

Onyx: Use to Banish negative energy and ground spells. Encourages self-confidence and determination. Use to break deeply ingrained habits whether physical or emotional.

Opal: Encourages psychic ability and visions. Also used in spells for love and protection.

Pearl: Pearls are considered sacred to the goddesses Isis and Freya. Use for spells in love, happiness, emotional balance, and fertility.

Peridot : Used to repel evil and malevolent magick and enhance spiritual protection.

Ruby: Stimulate the emotions, passion, love, and sexuality.

Sapphire: Increases spiritual knowledge and connection with the divine. Use it for spells regarding wisdom, insight, and prophetic visions.

Tigers Eye: Promotes strength, good fortune, and prosperity while also boosting self-confidence and encourages you to follow your own path.

Tourmaline: This stone comes in a variety of colors so the colors influence their properties. This stone clears negative energy and brings balance.

Turquoise: Used for protection while traveling.

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