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Name: Harleen_Rose
Birthday: May 26 1998
Location: San Diego, California
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Hello, My Coven name is Harleen Lilith Rose, My real name is Lauren. I am an experienced magician of the craft, I have been practicing for 5 years and continue to practice. I am a master Tarot reader, I am also learning divination by pendulum. I follow the path of the Green Witch. I have a natural green thumb, I love plants. - Don't be afraid to message me if you have any questions, I don't bite :) -You may look in my photos for Witchy wisdom and helpful spell tips - I DO NOT associate with fluffs or fluff spells (vampire, mermaid werewolf etc...) - I also cannot perform spells for anyone, you may message me if you need a spell that you want to cast Blessed be Harleen Lilith Rose My Pinterest and Tumblr are full of good vibes and Witchy Wisdom so don't be afraid to take a peek. :) Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/HarleenRose/ Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/harleenlilithrose Instagram https://instagram.com/harleenrose/