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Each and everyone of us has an aura, which represents an bio-electric field that comes from within and that surrounds us. Aura Therapy teaches us how to infiltrate into someone's aura and remodel the colours or "inject" a specific colours, or reduce another one, in order to give each body different types of healing energy, according to what each patient needs. This article will present you only the basic of this therapy, which is considered to be a subdivision of colour therapy, which has a more general meaning.

1.What is an aura? - bio-electric field that all living things have/ issue - energy that surrounds our whole body - usually 3 feet from a normal person's physical body

2. How do we feel auras? Aura does not only vary from one person to another just because of the color itself, but also from it's size. For example, people who have experienced traumatic events such as rape, for example, have a "bigger" aura than others. Also, people who tend to charge themselves with other's problems tend to have bigger sized auras. People who are very negative also tend to have the same problem. Also, when someone tells you your aura is blue, for example. It means that this is what you deliver. The biggest color in your aura gives "the color of your aura" as it is the easiest one to be felt by others.

Having too much blue in your aura is felt by your body, so your body will try to push it out of your aura and this is the energy other people's aura will receive from you. For example, we all know that person than when comes around, suddenly everyone becomes happy. Comedians also project a lot of their aura color, which might result in an inner depression for them. It is very logic, nothing philosophical in here. So this is how you send/ feel an aura. Also, forgot to mention, if a person has a very balanced aura, it might be very hard for you to acknowledge it. But after you study and exercise reading auras, you should be able not only to tell the size and the main color, but you will be able to visualize every energy that surrounds a person.

3.How to "infiltrate" in someone's aura? Let the person sit on a very comfortable bed. You can play zen relaxing music, light some candles, use some essences that your patient likes to smell, and let him/her stay there until they feel completely relaxed. After that, you have to let your aura get used to that person's aura. I order to do this, personally, I start massaging someone's back a bit, trying to visualize everything that comes into view. It is very good if you reach the level where you can simply see the aura, but also you have to feel all the emotions that person has. After that, stop the massage and move your hands above that person without touching his/her body. Visualize your aura emerging with that person's aura and slowly you should feel like your auras mix together. After that, just keep going and wait until you feel you are ready. The hard part has only begin.

4. How to remodel someone's aura? a) Size: Move yourself around that person and feel the extremities if you cannot visualize them. Reach a certain distance from that someone's aura where you feel you do not interact anymore. Then using your hands, try to feel it and push it to reciprocate it until you reached a certain distance where you feel that the energy is too complicated. This might mean from 2 feet to 24/25 feet, but I doubt you will meet a person whose aura is 50 feet so that you could only reduce it to 25 feet. b) After you have done that, go near your patient again and see where you feel an organ that sends a negative color, or to one that sends too much of only one color.

You have to absorb that in your aura and then take it out from you outside that person's aura. You can use your right hand to absorb and your left one to push it out if it's not a too big aura. After that you have finished the body cleansing. Next you must work on the general color. Aura has certain levels of colors. This can be only changed by that person's mind. This colors can tell you all the struggles that that person has, so you must know them in order to give that person advice to clean himself spiritually. Here it is okay if a person has for example a lot of purple, but if you feel that person has too much red, you can advise them to try to control their temper, or stop focusing on his/her's sexual life too much, etc.

Also, if you feel they are missing a color, you can project some of your colors to them, but I would not advise you that. Better tell them what to do in order to reassure somewhat of a balance. But having a very little of a color is not something so bad, so there no need to panic, it's actually something quite normal c) If everything goes perfect until here, you can restart reducing the aura in case the aura is bigger than 3 feet, or expand it if it is smaller. A lot of times it is impossible for a healer to give "the right size of someone's aura" only by one meeting, so don't worry if you do not succeed at first, you have already done a lot!

5. A list of colors and their meaning according to the energy a person sends the most:( but again, we have many more colors in our auras than just one and sometimes people can even change it): In case of any questions, I am here. Send me a message. I've been practicing aura therapy for about 2 years now.

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Jul 17, 2020
So if I am invocation of the Goddess Venus, and by myriad of techniques, am caring for the levels and shapes of these Auraz, I need a spell that separates when I'm working and how I'll choose to spend what I make.

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