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A successful scrying session largely depends on the atmosphere and mood that you set. It is important to never force a reading if you're not feeling up-to or in the mood. This will only result in a false reading . Crystal ball gazing is best done in a dimly lit room , you can burn incense and light candles ect., play soft music , making sure that you will not be disturbed is also a good idea. Before you use your ball make sure it is clean and dust/fingerprint free . You can do this by wiping it with a damp soft cloth , however if your ball is new it is important to cleanse it making sure it's free from negative energies , there are a few ways of doing this . 1: Smudging Sage, frankincense, sandalwood, cedar , are all good for this , or use a smudge stick. Simply pass your ball through the smoke of the incense /smudge stick , let the smoke carry away any unwanted energies until you feel it is cleansed 2:Dry salt fill a large bowl with sea salt and place your ball in it . burying it for 24 hours . Remove the ball and wipe clean, DO NOT add water to the salt , this will damage your ball , only use dry sea salt . 3:Sound Sound vibrations are a quick easy way to cleanse your ball , simply sing/chant whatever inspires you , wind-chimes , gong, bell, are also great to use . sing/chant or ring your bell close to your ball until it feels cleansed to you . 4; Sun/ moon place your ball on a window ledge or somewhere safe outside , leave for 24 hours to absorb the energy of the sun/moon Preparing your space : Prepare your spiritual space , burn some incense and candles if you wish , do what feels right to you, after all this is your space . Ground and center yourself , this is important then allow your energy to flow outward encircling you and your ball. Cast a circle , place your ball on its stand or a table at a comfortable height., approx chest height. Technique 1: Meditate on your purpose ect. 2: Sit cross-legged or in a comfortable position , relax and place your hands on the ball allowing your energy to flow in-to it. 3: Visualize your question or ask it out loud if you prefer . 4: Remove your hands from the ball, stare deeply into the ball allowing your eyes to become unfocused slightly. 5: You will see a mist forming in the ball allow the mist to grow and fill the ball . 6: Visualize the mist clearing allowing the images to flow within the ball . 7: Let the images flow to you taking you wherever they choose. 8: When all the images have been shown affirm what they might mean , but do not concentrate to hard on this as you can do this later by writing down what you saw. 9:Visualize the mist coming back into the ball and covering the images and the ball returning to normal . 10: Thank your ball and place it in-to its bag or protective cloth putting it somewhere safe. 11: Close your circle . Color meanings in your ball Red: An energetic or violent action being taken in the near future. Usually an omen of something good and bad. Orange: Spiritual powers are working on improving the existing situation. Yellow: A message can be expected soon that will bring about a positive change. Green: An improvement in health and physical well being. Blue: Love, friendship or romance will be affected in a positive way. Indigo: You will feel peaceful vibrations. Violet: Spiritual and material good fortune. Blue clouds may symbolize success of career or business, Gold clouds symbolize prosperity, steady cash flow and possibly new romance. Gray/Dark gray or Black may symbolize sadness or ill fortune. Green clouds symbolize health, happiness . Orange clouds may symbolize hidden aggression and anger, or troubled emotions. Red clouds symbolize danger to come. Silver clouds symbolize troublesome times ahead followed by good times. White clouds symbolize very good fortune ahead. Yellow clouds symbolize upcoming obstacles. Symbols meanings. Anchor - Safety Beetle - Long life Bird Message - An eagle brings good fortune, a brightly colored bird - happiness and a vulture or similar, problems. Clouds - When rising positive, when descending, negative Crown Status - power Cup Love - relationships Dragon Good Luck - strength Eye - Fate for better or worse Frog or Pig - Prosperity, fertility Fruit separately - children or on a tree, children to come Horse Change - movement Lighthouse - Warning to take care Lion - Strength recovery Moon - Peaceful life, family People A large crowd or party - vitality a small group, friends Scales - Justice Snake - Knowledge Star - Success Fame Swan - Good news Tower - Masculinity, Ego Unicorn - Purity, innocence Water - Communication, contacts Waves - physical love Wheel - Changes, new Also please remember that the symbols you see inside the ball are significant to you and can only really be interpreted by you regarding the questions you ask and seek answers to. Look at the symbols and ask yourself how these can relate to you at this given moment in time.

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