Reincarnation (A written work based on personal experiences).

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A written work inspired by a conversation with my mother.


The belief in reincarnation goes back thousands of years. There still are many beliefs held in regard to it, depending on which culture you ask. I have heard others' experiences told to me. These are a few of my own personal and shared experiences.

The spirit

My mother and I had been watching a YouTube video on witchcraft. She has had a disagreeable opinion of the videos for some time. She said to me:

"I agree with one thing in this video, and I'll tell you why."

I asked, "What?"

She went on to say when she was very young, she would go into meditative states at times, or daydreams. She told me a spirit within this state began talking to her; and told her something.

She said. "As I recall, it said, a soul is born. It grows. It learns things. It learns a lot of lessons, it has come here to learn. When it is time it dies. It keeps coming back to learn the lessons until it is finished."

"Then, what?" I asked.

She said, "Oh then it trailed off."

I told her I found that convenient. She then told me she believed the spirit had been getting at the idea that when one is finished it merges and becomes one with what it is supposed to.

This is my mother's experience, with the spirit.

The turtle and the sun:

I remember while young, we were on a small boat on a lake. We were enjoying this evening and it had just become darker. The boat swung a bit, then again; another nudge. My father spotted a large sized snapping turtle. This turtle was particularly large as my father had commented on it. I remember looking into its eyes as it was near to the boat. I fell into a state or trance. I was floating downward. Floating, for what seemed a very long while. I saw then the Sun and heard a voice state that if one goes to the sun one ceases to exist. I then, saw Earth. The voice said I could go here "earth" or to the sun. Upon coming out of this state I was still peering into the eyes of the turtle. I then exclaimed "Oh my God! He's ancient."



I finally truly felt there was seemingly more to this life beyond, the night Nanook came back.

Nanook was my grandfather's dog. She prior to this had departed. This night my mother and I were sharing a bed in the extra room. My grandfather lay in his bed in the other room. We had to be up early the next day to cook a holiday meal. My grandmother had been gone a year. I had trouble sleeping. I tried to get comfortable. Then, the sound of Nanook's paws slapping on the floor. It quieted a moment. Then, again Nanook's paws walking on the floor. My hair must have been standing up. I thought "Am I actually hearing this?"

Then, she howled. It was her. Her howl was unmistakable. Whenever she howled like that, it was to tell my grandfather it was time for bed.

I got up and bolted to my grandfather's door as he was coming out. "Did you hear that?" We shouted at each other.

I said " I hate to say this, but that sounded like Nanook."

He said. "I know."

Three months later my grandfather passed.

This is one of my personal experiences, and is when I believed without doubt, that we can come back.

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