Ritual for Rejuvenation

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Its purpose is to heal the soul. It should only be cast a few times a year at most, because if you do it everyday it will lose its mystery and power.

Time~ Twilight on the new New moon


Music- preferably a song that makes you relax. some suggestions are "Anywhere" by Enya, "Terra Firma" by Delirium and, my personal favorite for this ritual) "Return to Innocence" by Enigma.

Athame  or some form of cutting tool- you'll need this to cut through emotional ties. If you don't use an athame you can consecrate a pair of clippers or something.

Incense - nothing too strong but something light.  Nag Champa works well.

Gatorade or water - you can substitute wine for this if you're not underage like me but even so because this is a purifying ritual it might not be a good idea to pollute your body with alcohol for this ritual. 

A new, small piece of your favorite crystal and a small velvet bag- this is used a a power store that you'll keep on you for at least until the full moon.

Preparation~ Take a cleansing bath and set up the altar ( If your Obsessive Compulsive about correspondences put the altar in the west and use a light purple altar cloth)

The ritual~
Step 1-cast circle

step 2 - light the incense. Take the crystal and allow the crystal to be bathed in smoke and ask the crystal to bring energy to you until the full moon.

step 3- Sit down and get into a meditative state, while there scan your body and find any and all emotional links (These are what you make when you tune into people. Empaths especially are vulnerable to these) Some forget to sever the links when they are no longer useful and in turn that makes them quite dangerous and draining. You've found them when you feel a slight tugging or heaviness.) Take you athame (or cutting tool) and sever them asking that your energy come back to you. ( if you can't part with these links for some reason then skip this step)

Step 4 - Imagine a bright pulsating light over you and draw it in to your center. Feel your emotions and life returning to you. Feel, know and BELIEVE you are alive!  This can be a very moving experience!

Step 5- Take you crystal and draw the remaining energy into it, then place it in the bag and let no one see or touch it. Carry it on you always until the full moon., Look at it every day. On the night of the full moon ritually clean it and place it on your altar until you need it again.

Step 6- Drink the Gatorade (or water) and state how you feel about this new beginning. Pour a bit of it into the libation bowl for the gods

Step 7- open the circle and it's done

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