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These rituals and articles have been added by the Coven of Council of Earna. Questions or comments regarding anything on these pages should be directed toward them.

To add an article to this book you must be level Council or above in Council of Earna.

  • A Witch's Guide to Gardening
    Information on gardening and adding a little magic to our gardens.
  • Amethyst
    Information on and magical uses of amethyst.
  • An Introduction To Reiki
    Tons of Information about Reiki, what it is, history, and links!
  • Astral Travel Pillow (members only)
    Promotes astral travel whilst you sleep.
  • Basics of Magick: Lesson I -creating a space- (members only)
    An article about intended to teach one how to create a space and maintain it as a place of power.
  • Basics of Magick: Lesson II -protecting your space- (members only)
    This is how to protect your space from intrusion.
  • Basics of Magick: Lesson III -defending your space-
    How to defend your space if someone tries to and/or does break in.
  • Callng the Quarters
    Helps to gain strength, knowledge, and open one's soul. Works best with four casters.
  • Callng the Quarters
    Helps to gain strength, knowledge, and open one's soul. Works best with four casters.
  • Callng the Quarters
    Helps to gain strength, knowledge, and open one's soul. Works best with four casters.
  • Candle Usage Categories (members only)
    The intention of this article is to inform the reader about the four main purposes of candles in magic.
  • Centre of Chaos Banishing
    Centre of Chaos Banishing Ritual -- by illspirit
  • Chakra Meditation (members only)
    Type of meditation to balance, cleanse and recharging the chakra points - by WiltedRose
  • Charging Crystals (members only)
    Regular charging will keep the energy of the Crystal focused on you for health and positive energy.
  • Combative Energy Techniques (members only)
    This article lists a few different energy manipulation techniques that can be used in a combative manner.
  • Crystal Cleansing (members only)
    Cleansing your crystals to rid of negative energies.
  • Did I make a Psi Ball!? (members only)
    Information regarding verification on whether or not you have made a psi ball by Lilac Cura Featuring how to flare (make it visible)!
  • Discursive Meditation
    Discursive Meditation is the traditional Western approach to meditation, which uses the thinking mind to explore symbols and visionary experiences. --By illspirit
  • Dressing a Candle (members only)
    By WiltedRose.
  • Druids (members only)
  • Egyptian Dream Scrying (members only)
    By WiltedRose.
  • For Breaking a Curse (members only)
    The cursed will die. --by Christy0505
  • For Inspiring Love/Passion (members only)
    Well blend these ingredients before pouring into ceremonial goblet/chalice. --by Christy0505
  • For Lunar Rites (members only)
    Well blend these ingredients before pouring into ceremonial goblet/chalice. --by Christy0505
  • For Renewed Vision/Intellect (members only)
    Well blend these ingredients before pouring into ceremonial goblet/chalice. --by Christy0505
  • For an Absolution (members only)
    This will cleanse your past and bless your future. --by Christy0505
  • For rituals of SOLAR IMPORT (members only)
    Well blend these ingredients before pouring into ceremonial goblet/chalice. --by Christy0505
  • Full Moon Energy (members only)
    Use this ritual to bring specific lunar energies into your life. It should be carried out on the evening of the full moon or as close as you can -- by WiltedRose
  • Guardian Construct
    An awesome guardian construct made by Brilenus archived by LilacCura
  • Hereditary Catholic Witchcraft (A short article on a family tradition)
    A short article on a family tradition taught to me by my maternal grandmother.
  • Home Cleansing & Purification
    Home cleansing ritual.
  • Honoring for the four Portals.
    It is a ritual of acknowledgment of the elementals help we receive each day in order to live, the help they give us in order to work our spells and the hard work they do to keep all living beings and the planet alive. -- by illspirit
  • Hoodoo Sweet Jar (members only)
    An experienced article posting by a previous coven member in the art of Hoodoo honey jars.
  • How to Write a Spell
    A step by step guideline on how to go about creating your own spells.
  • Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (members only)
    Banishing is ritual intended to drive out an undesirable spirit, entity, energy, etc., inhabiting a particular place.
  • Magic on a Budget
    Working magic on a budget.
  • Meditation (members only)
    A simple ritual to meditate. --Christy0505
  • Meditation in 8 Steps (members only)
    An easy step by step guide to meditating.
  • Mind Balancing (members only)
    Important preparation for psi
    by: faust
  • Phoenix Ash
    This ritual creates a ceremonial ash that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is a useful component for spells of elemental Fire, healing and ritual purification. -- by illspirit
  • Primal instinct (members only)
    Releasing primal energy and opening increases strength, smell, and occasionally hearing.
  • Program a Crystal (members only)
    In metaphysical terms, programming a crystal is to store an energy pattern in a crystal. The energy pattern programmed into the crystal can be any thought, color, emotion, sound, or any other vibration. The vibrational pattern is stored in the crystal until it is purposefully cleared out -- by WiltedRose
  • Psi Balls: An In- Depth How To! (members only)
    An in-depth how to on making psi balls By LilacCura.
  • Psychic FAQ
    Frequently asked questions about psychic abilities.
  • Reiki Healing Training Technique (members only)
    This is a technique I use all the time. Only try this if you are attuned, and have completed 2nd degree reiki. By LilacCura
  • Relaxation ritual (members only)
    This ritual was taken from donald michael Kraigs' "Modern Magick" but edited by me. By Wiccandeity.
  • Ritual for Rejuvenation
    Its purpose is to heal the soul. It should only be cast a few times a year at most, because if you do it everyday it will lose its mystery and power.
  • Ritual to empower a healing charm or amulet (members only)
    A powerful ritual that empowers healing chrms and amulets.
  • Satchet and Dressing Blends
    How to use herbal blends in sachet and candle workings.
  • Sending runes (members only)
    Archived by Gadamlu Dreamweaver Copyright of Edred Thorsson
  • Shadow hog (taste the evil) (members only)
    This starts out kind of pleasant but leads to driving the person nuts. they taste nothing but pig!
  • Shamanic Tools (members only)
    A short article regards tools used in practice. A personal tradition.
  • Simple Protection
    I am creating this article for a simple protection. When doing a protection spell you should know what you want to stay inside that protection and what to stay out. If you don't then the ritual or spell will not work.
  • Smoke Cleansing
    Ritual for cleansing yourself or a particular area.
  • Solitary New Moon Ritual (members only)
    This ritual, which signifies letting go the hurt of the past in a way that allows you to move forward with fresh energy from the New Moon.
  • Solomon's Triangle (members only)
    Banishment through Solomon's Triangle by: faust
  • Summary of your Chakras (members only)
    basic's of your Chakras

    this was givin to me by Silverrose

  • The Atlantean Power Rod (members only)
    Step-by-step instructions on creating an Energy Rod.
    by: Magister
  • The Augmemtation (members only)
    The Augmemtation technique is Energy directed by Will and can be used to push your body beyond your ordinary physical limits by: alliester
  • The Rune Poem
    Archived by Gadamlu Dreamweaver from the poetic Edda stanzas 138-165 of the Havamal Copyright of the god Odin This poem speaks of the magick that was possible with the runes before christianity as well as the origin of them
  • The Tetrahedon Shield (members only)
    A powerful psi shield
    by: faust
  • The Violet Shield (members only)
    Egg shaped psi shield by: fast.
  • Treading the Veil
    Information on Veil Treading and spiritual journeys.
  • Useful Links (members only)
    A list of useful links compiled by LilacCura for all council members to add on to, but not change or alter any already on there.
  • Visualization Technique (members only)
    A visualization technique made by First Path.
  • What's Psionics?! (members only)
    An introduction to energy manipulation by LilacCura

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