Nov. 2022 Beaver Blood Moon

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November's Beaver Blood Moon, 2022

The full moon on November 8th, 2022. It is known as the Beaver Moon, Frost Moon, and Snow moon. The name Beaver Moon comes from the Farmer's Almanac's 1930 publication, which made reference to beaver's taking shelter in their lodge during this time of year. 

This full moon, during this month, is often connected with loss and death. This loss and death can be both symbolic and literal. In Celtic society, it was known as the Reed moon; a comparison between the sounds of the instrument and the mournful moans of spirits being taken to the underworld. 

This year, the moon will also take place during a total lunar eclipse. This will be the last total lunar eclipse for the next 3 years. The full moon will be at it's peak at 6am EST, with the peak of the total lunar eclipse being 5:17am EST. The moon will also take on a red hue during this time, and appear red or bloody. This wil be a "

Blood Moons: Blood moons are, in some Pagan circles, believed to be the union of the god and goddess. It is thus considered to be a lunar moment of great power. It is considered a good time for prosperity spells and to attract things to you. 

Full moons, in general, are good all-purpose lunar phases for any type of magic you wish to work. 

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