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How to make little spell bottles.

Spell bottles are simply spells in which bottles are used for holding spell items, ingredients, and energy.

Various types of spell work can be done using bottles, including love spells, money spells, protection spells, and curses, among many others.

How do you start practicing bottle magic?

Begin collecting bottles. Any bottle or jar will do. Recycling can come into play here - empty peanut butter jars, wine bottles, pickle jars - whatever you have on hand is just fine. Clean your bottles out and remove the labels, and you're ready to begin!

What items do you put in the bottles?

This depends on the desired outcome you want to achieve. For a love spell, you may add rose petals, seashells as an offering to Aphrodite, and honey to sweeten someone to you. For a money spell, you might use coins, basil, and calcite. For protection, you can add garlic, and sharp objects, such as pins and nails.

Commonly used are herbs and crystals, which already have magical properties associated with them from a number of sources. I like to use The Magickal Cat as a quick reference, but also suggest The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall, Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, and Ellen Dugan's herbal books.

If you don't have easy access to crystals or herbs, you can use found items, and create your own magical properties for them. Bobby pins could be used to secure something in place. Broken glass could be used for protection. A balloon used to represent inflation. A crayon might represent certain properties associated with that color, or even a desire to increase creativity. How do you put your energy into the bottle? Intent, focus, and visualization. Focus on your intentions, your desired outcomes you wish to achieve, and visualize them growing and coming into existence in the bottle.

Should you decorate the bottle?

This depends on personal preference. For example, if you're working on a curse jar, you might want to paint the jar black to keep the curse "in" and focused on only the person or item you are cursing. You could put heart charms on the outside of a love spell bottle, or clover and horseshoe charms on the outside of a luck spell bottle.

What should you do after the bottle spell is finished?

Choose a safe place for it. This might be hidden behind books, up on a high shelf, or even buried in the ground. It depends on the spell purpose and personal preference. If you're thinking of burying the bottle spell in the ground, you may want to take into consideration the environment and the local energies, and how your bottle spell will affect them.



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