My fluff stage and how you can exit yours

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A story, with a true meaning behind it. This article will teach you things.

I guess it all started when my friend told me her sister was into dark magic. I was always trying to please my friend, so I began to ''study'' magic so I could beat her sister in some type of magic war. I then told my friend about how if her sister did that, bad things would happen to her, and not to worry. After that short crisis was over, I kept studying ''Magic'' And, being raised in a Christian household, was strictly a ''White Witch''. I soon found out that Astrology could be intertwined with magic, and, being a Pieces, declared ''my element'' to be water. Because of this, I thought, ''Hey! I should turn into a mermaid! ''So I went on Google, searched up ''mermaid spells'', and eventually found this website. I must have tried 5-25 spells. None of them worked, obviously. When I got into fifth grade, I made a friend, and when I told her I was a witch, she said she was a witch since 2nd grade (which was a blatant lie, as she is most certainly not a witch today, more of a poser). Along with a boy who lived in my neighborhood, we all decided to run together, me and my friends would all go camping one day, then disappear and do a spell to turn me and 1 friend into cats, and the other friend into a merman. I started a website, which I never did manage, using free webs, about how we would run away. I cant find the link, fortunately. Soon one of my friends mothers found the website, but nothing came of that. We still decided to go one with the plan. At recess we would did holes by the fence, saying that when we were cats, we would go here if we were ever in trouble. Most of the time my friends would play on the fireman pole (if you catch my drift). My ''spell books'' back then were literally just spells to turn into things, control weather, control, everything really. Only one of them ever really worked (a wind spell). I was severely uneducated, as I thought that the two kinds of witches were Celtic and Wiccan. When I got into 6th grade, the fluff went away, but I was still in my weeaboo stage (We'll talk about weeaboos later.) It wasn't until 7th grade that I seriously practiced and understood magic. I'm in 8th grade now and I'm making good progress if I don't say so myself. Now you may be thinking, ''Wow, this kinda sounds like me, I don't want to be fluffy! Help!'' Or something of the likes. Here are some tips to exit your fluffy stage. 1) Keep A Journal Not necessarily a Book of Shadows, just a journal to note your path and progression out of fluff-hood. 2) Study and Practice Magic Terms Things such as Meditation, Visualization, Lucid Dreaming, Etc. 3) Figure out what is and isn't real don't be afraid to enter the chat and ask questions about these things. 4) Define your ethics, your path, your laws, etc This is important. You need to make note of what kind of witch you'll be identified as (Eclectic, Wiccan, Satanic, Universalist, etc) what rules you'll follow, what deities you worship, if any. Even if you aren't a witch, this is important. 5) Spend more time in nature. This is also important. To have a better understanding of what Nature can, and cant do, you need to spend more time in its glory. These are just tips into exiting this embarrassing stage.Some will realize what real witchcraft is and study it, like I did. Some will just stray away from witchcraft all together. Some might even stay fluffy despite reading this and others like this. All I have to say, is If magic is right for you, it will find its way to you.

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