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Discussion in regards to Candle Magick and Candle Energies.

Candles: The most magical tool ever i would say and with the introduction of candle magick starting from childhood as to when we made a wish and blew out the candles on our birthdays. Then and there, we unknowingly start our magical journey with engaging with candle magick, long before we could even understand the meaning of the word intent yet alone even knew such a word existed at the forefront of Magick.

Making a wish and blowing out the candle later manifests itself as a craft and the wishes that where once made manifests itself into pure intent or intention. So from birthday candle to a magical tool and from just wishes to intent, we see our craft taking shape and later to evolve in a pure form of witchcraft which we pronounce as Candle Magick.

Candle Magick is such a pure form of witchcraft because to me it carries the innocence and joy of childhood all throughout its journey, and always giving us a sense of belief in practising our craft because believing in magick with innocence and a pure intent makes for the most powerful tool ever required for Magick to work.

Candles bring about calmness, a sense of peacefulness and radiates energies that bring about a very mystical feeling to you and its surroundings. Candles emits a mystical light that cannot be shed by natural light or even a lightbulb for that matter. This is the mystical and magical presence of candles.

So as a solitary practitioner of my craft, i am aware of the many different types of candles available and i also know that there is like this code to follow when using candles in regards to their specific colour for a specific use. I am by no means discarding this traditional method or use at all.

So what i am saying is, is that when i walk into a store, you can bet that i am choosing to buy the most prettiest and the most eye catching candle i see. This is what draws me to my candles, and this is my validation that this candle is for me. I use scented oil candles in my practice, and now the candle industry has evolved so much, that the candle itself sits in the most beautiful coloured glass holders, from standard colours to this array of dazzling mixed colours to bright neon colours and this glass holders has such a magical appearance on its own, and inside sits the beautiful candle itself, from red to green to blue to yellow to purple to black to white and to every other colour you can think of.

So im buying the prettiest and most eye catching candle i see, and when im taking them home for my rituals, i just cant stop looking at them. So traditionally we are aware that a red candle will represent or signify Love, Passion, Romance, Sex, and all other colours have their own respective significances, so again with no disregards to traditional methods, i would say, use the candle or candle colour that most appeals to you, that you most comfortable with, the one you feel is drawing you to it, because that must serve as confirmation that this candle is for you and your specific need, pointless i would say if you not feeling a certain candle or colour and you are using it, you are not like drawn to it, but hey, thats what they said i must use,,,well traditions are there for a reason, to teach us and to educate us, however traditions also tells us in regards to candle magick is that candles are just a tool, without intent and belief in witchcraft , the candle will serve no purpose, its all about Intent and intent and intent.

Some may use tealit candles for their craft or rituals, some a basic candle, some a spell candle, and for me, i use scented oil candles in in bright glass holders.and also, once the candles are burnt out in the glass holders, they must washed and comes in to use for beautiful glass jars to keep just about anything you like, like herbs, crystals, etc, it looks so magical indeed.

Significance of Candles:

So we all are basically seeking the magick and mystical energies emitted from the practice of candle magick. To enhance our spells, to amplify its energies and with keeping that in mind, we have to firstly understand a candle and what it signifies.

A candle signifies the elements, before what it is intended to be used for.

The flame represents the element of fire.

The wax represents the element of earth.

The keeping of the flame burning represents the element of air.

The liquid state of the wax represents the element of water.

All sustainability on earth, and for life to exist must comprise of these elements, and its fair to say that, these elements are the fundamental foundation for Magick to exist.

So understanding the elements that a candle represents then only can we proceed to using this tool in our craft to get the best results desired. Respect the elements and respect our craft, then only you will gain respect from Magick and witchcraft.

My Faith, my religion is based on the foundation of natural elements and Energies, Elements gains power through Energies, in my religion we call this the Limitless Eternal Energy bestowed upon this earth and universe and creation as a whole.

For Magick to exist so too must Limitless Eternal Energy be available. Energy breathes life into Magick,

And through this energy in magick we see our spells enhanced. We see our pure intent manifest itself into our desired results.

So now as we conclude our ritual and if you dont let your candle burn out all the way through, you may douse the flame with your fingertips or a little gadget you may have.

I do it differently, just as i started my magical candle journey, i say my spell again, make my wish and blow out the candle with intent and energy from within.

Just as i said, candle magick carries the innocence and joy of childhood all throughout its journey. And the nostalgia.

Candle so True

Flame so Bright

All That Is Wrong

Make It Right

Blessed Be

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