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A complete guide to practicing Candle Magick.



Candle magick is essentially doing workings/spells with the main focus being a candle while you repeat an incantation or visualize the desired outcome. This has become such a popular practice due to its simplicity & effectiveness. Furthermore, candle magick can be used for either quick spells or elaborate rituals, and candles can be personalized to fit practically any situation.

For instance, candles can be dressed in oils, carved/imprinted with symbols, and created in a wide range of colors, shapes, & scents. If you desire to make your own candles, simply purchase a candle mold and wax. By doing this, your candles can be custom made with herbs, dirt, ice, hair, pictures, petitions, etc. added into the mixture. To promote a more ‘natural/organic’ feeling, beeswax can be used in addition to natural dyes and oils. I would highly recommend making your own candles, not only for the fun you can have making them, but because it will embody more of your personal energies into the candle.

Choosing the right kind of candle for your working can be a large help in your practices. For example, tea-lights are ideal for quick spells and are inexpensive. Taper candles are a good general-purpose candle and are commonly used as they burn for a couple of hours. Additionally pillar candles are invaluable for long, drawn out workings as they have exceptional burning times. Candle color and shape correspondences have been provided below.


Virgin Candles are candles that have not been previously used, and are commonly encouraged for each spell/ritual. However, I have found that it is perfectly fine to reuse candles, especially if you are on a budget or have a limited amount of supplies. If you choose to reuse the candle, I suggest not engraving it, so that it’s purpose is not permanently imprinted on the candle.


Dressing a candle is done to remove the preexisting energies and replace them with new energies aimed toward the purpose of your spell/working. The two main ways to dress a candle are to either attract or repel certain energies, using water or oils. If you want to attract something to yourself, rub oil from the top to the middle, and then from the bottom to the middle of the candle. If you want to repel, rub oil from the middle to the top, and then from the middle to the bottom. While doing this, focus on the desired outcome of the working, energizing the wax with your energy & intent.


Candle Flipping is a long-standing practice that has been said to originate from Gypsies who would burn candles literally upside down. This is done by removing a small portion of wax from the bottom of the candle to expose the wick. The bottom would then be decreed the ‘foot’ of the candle with the top the ‘head.’ Typically, the ‘foot’ is lit to repel energies and the ‘head’ lit to attract energies. If desired, this practice can be used in place of dressing a candle, or in addition to it.


Personalizing your candles to tailor them to your unique style is only sensible, considering it is your working. Engraving symbols, runes, or letters into the candle using your athame (or knife) can achieve this. If you have a wood-burning tool, I can say from personal experience, they do an outstanding job at engraving candles. If you would prefer something easier, paint can also be used. By doing this, your candles will be further embodied with your personal energy and intent.


Measuring a candle is basically a way to divide it so that the candle can be reused over the course of a few days, weeks, etc. This is done in two ways; either ‘pinning’ or ‘timing.’ Pinning is done by inserting metal pins at intervals in the wax, and then allowing the candle to burn up to the pin. With timing, the candle is allowed to burn for a specified time before it is extinguished. Normally, the candle is allowed to burn itself out on the last day or interval.


Cleansing your workspace, tools, and yourself is a wise thing to do before you begin. This will remove residual energies and thus increase the success of your working. You can do this by using sage, incense, salt, or visualizing white light 'washing' the area.


When lighting a candle, please be mindful not to put it directly on or near anything flammable. Additionally, keep the candle out of reach from children or animals, and make sure to not leave the candle unattended. Some practitioners believe using matches to light candles will taint them due to the sulfur. If this is a concern to you, simply light one candle, and use it to light the others.


The actual working can range from being extraordinarily simple, to a complex and elaborate ritual; it all depends on the amount of effort and time you are willing to put into it. One simple way to boost the performance of your working is to consult the moon phases. If you wish to dwindle/repel energies, use the Waning Moon. Otherwise use the Waxing Moon to increase/attract energies. Other correspondences, such as planetary hours, may be used as well. A basic candle working could be something like this:

  1. Take a few moments to get prepared for the working, calming your body & mind. If you plan to write a petition, do so now and place under the candle. When you are ready, light your candle(s) and begin.
  2. Say/chant the spell/phrase if you are using one for as long as you see fit, and call upon any deities/energies you wish to aid you.
  3. When you have finished, take a seat and meditate on your desire and intent, visualizing the outcome.
  4. When you feel satisfied, rise and say thanks to any deities or energies you called upon for assistance.
  5. Extinguish the candle if you desire, or leave to burn. If you choose, discard the candle, as you desire.



Some practitioners believe that blowing out a candle will nullify the magical working that was just completed. Alternatively, they either allow the candle to burn itself out, or to snuff the flame. The flame is usually snuffed to allow the practitioner to either continue the working the next available day, or in accordance with a working. For example, one that calls for burning a candle for 7 days.

If the candle is allowed to burn completely, it is suggested that the leftover wax is buried on your property (if for attracting) and away from your property or at a crossroads (if for repelling). Since it is your working, I suggest you do what feels right, and fits to your needs.


Working Candles

A ‘working candle’ is a candle burned whenever you are doing magical activities, excluding workings and spell work. For instance, this candle could be burned while you write in your Book of Shadows, harvest herbs, make crafts, etc. These candles function not only as a source of light, but also as a mental trigger to get you into the right state of mind for productive magical work. They can also be programmed to promote creativity, peaceful surroundings, good luck, protection, etc.


‘Working candles’ are typically white, as it is a neutral color but feel free to choose whichever color suits you best. Once you have acquired the candle you wish to use, place it outside in the sun/moon light for 24 hours to cleanse and empower it. Once that is complete, you may personalize it in any way you desire. Finally, program the candle if you wish by empowering it with the energy you wish to program it with. (Ex. For creativity you would empower the candle with a sense of creative endeavors and creative passions.)

Candle Colors

If you don’t have a particular candle color, there is absolutely no need to worry. Truthfully, any candle can be used as long as the intent and energy remain the same. If you have possession of a white candle, it can be used to substitute any other color.


In regard to candles that are not solid colors, meaning they are either white candles coated with colored wax or have multiple layers, I have found that it is up to the individual on what color they decide to attribute the candle to. Rest assured, these candles will not negatively interfere with your working, and can still be used.


On the chance that you wish to incorporate the elements into your working, water can be symbolized by a blue candle, fire with a red, earth with a green, air with a yellow, and spirit with a white. Below is a very basic overview on the color properties of candles. For a more in depth explanation please refer to my ‘Correspondences 103 – Colors’ article.

  • White enhances healing, purification, protection, spiritual enlightenment, & lunar rituals. It can be used to substitute other colors.
  • Yellow enhances creativity, unity, confidence, & happiness
  • Gold enhances prosperity, finances, & solar rituals
  • Pink enhances romance, friendship, relationships, & love
  • Orange enhances intellect
  • Turquoise enhances healing & growth
  • Violet enhances spirituality & relaxation
  • Red enhances health, healing, strength, passion, lust, & love
  • Purple enhances power, success, & psychic abilities
  • Brown enhances concentration, growth, & stability
  • Blue enhances spirituality, meditation, & tranquility
  • Green enhances prosperity, abundance, money, growth, & healing
  • Black enhances protection, banishment, curses, & removing negativity


Figurine Candles
On occasion figurine candles may be used for their additional correspondences to further the effect of a magical working. These candles are readily available at many occult shops or online stores.

Male/Female (For issues with men/women or yourself if male/female)

  • Green is for fertility, good fortune, wealth, & healing men/women
  • Red is for lust, love, romance, healing, energizing, & fertility
  • Black is for banishing, binding, & protection from men/women


Lovers Candle

  • Green is for fertility
  • Red is for fidelity, strengthening relationships, & family unity
  • Black is for ending a relationship & divorce



  • Red is for raising energy
  • Black is for banishing, binding, & protection from magick



  • Red is for empowering & enlightening someone
  • Black is for binding



  • Red is for lust, love, & pleasure
  • Black is for banishing & binding



  • White is for protecting familiars, luck, & removing curses
  • Black is for banishing & binding
  • Red is for love, lust, & relationships
  • Green is for haling a pet



  • White is for necromancy, contacting the dead, & protection
  • Black is for stopping psychic attacks, reflectingmagic, banishing, & binding
  • Red is for preventing fertility


Praying Hands

  • White is for praying & healing


Seven Knobbed

  • White is for wishes, protection, & general magic
  • Green is for fertility, good fortune, wealth, & healing
  • Red is for lust, love, romance, healing, energizing, & fertility
  • Black is for banishing, binding, & protection



  • Green is for good fortune


**Disclaimer, this article is based purely off of my personal experiences and knowledge.

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