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Having a spiritual space can really empower your spellwork, energy work, shamanic work, and mindfulness. It can provide a space that is protected, charged, and tuned into your specific energetic signature and practice.

Steps Overview:

-Establish a vision of what your spiritual space would look like in its most potent form

-Create a plan for creating what you can with what you have now, and how you can make it special

-Cleanse and declutter

-Gather items, and determine energetic placement

-Shielding & Protecting

-Establish energy and create an energetic vortex

Establish a vision of what your spiritual space would look like in its most potent form

This is the very first step in creating an energetic spiritual space. Not only does it help open your mind to new ideas and new ways to work with your space, but it also allows your intuition and higher to come through to give you a clear idea of what you are being called to work with in this point of your journey. You might find that certain practices seem to be most drawn into your space such as meditation seating, herbs and plants, crystals grids, yoga mats, etc.. This can give you a strong clue to what you are being called to focus your spiritual work in your most intimate and private time with your own energy.

Ways to create a strong visual concept for your spiritual space include: Creating a vision board, making a board on pinterest/instagram and gathering images that call out to you, meditating and imagining the space revealing itself to you, creating a space while lucid dreaming, or even asking yourself before sleep to give you a dream about it for you to really tap into your subconscious.


Create a plan for creating what you can with what you have now, and how you can make it special

Now that you have a visualization of what you most aspire to create, develop a plan to put it into action, even if you can't do It all, do what you can with the time and the items you have access to. It might even be an opportunity to create your own ritual tools and artwork. This space is sacred and obtusely unique to you, there are no limits, and no rules, make it special so that you feel as magical and empowered in your space as it allows.


Cleanse and declutter

Before taking physical action on creating your space, it's really important to declutter it, and then cleanse it. If this is a bedroom, living space, try to clear it out of unnecessary things as possible to really keep it sacred and individual in its own right.

Once you declutter it, energetically cleanse it! This clears out all the energy so that you can bring in new energy, pure and unmeshed with others. This can be done with smudging, saging, salt rituals, water rituals, energy clearing, reiki, etc. It's really up to you at this point. Multiple options can be good for the initial cleansing, but the space should be regularly cleansed, decluttered, and shifted around a bit to really let the energy free-flow.


Gather items, and determine energetic placement

Gather the items you most feel drawn to work with. If you are unsure where to start, here's a short guide:

Elements can inspire you:

-Fire (Candles, Cinnamon, Amber, Fire inspired art, ash, etc.)

-Earth (Graveyard Dirt, Plants, Sound Healing Drum, Meditation Mat, etc.)

-Air (Incense, Burnable Herbs, Flute, Smoking Tools etc.)

-Water (Tea Items, Water Meditation Bowl, Fountain, Ritual Oils, etc.)

Create a space dedicated to your main focus:

-Shadow work (Journal, artwork, comfort items, stress tea, self care items)

-Dream work (Tea, Amethyst, spell bag for under pillow, dreamcatcher)

-Mediation Space (Mala Beads, Mediation seat, incense, music stereo)

-LHP Spellwork (Graveyard dirt, vial of menstrual blood, books on occult)


Shielding & Protecting

Now that you've set your space for the moment being and added the items you are going to start with to it, it's time to energetically shield this space and create a strong boundary for it with the energy you allow in. This can be through prayer, ritual, saging, calling upon protective guides, visualization, affirmations, etc. I recommend mixing multiple methods to really create as strong barrier and establish exact in detail what you do and do not allow energetically into your sacred space.


Establish energy and create an energetic vortex

Now that our space is physically ready, and protected, it's now time to create a vortex of energy, Start with a grounding cord, imagine a funnel of energy pulling all stagnant energy in the space down back into the earth, replenishing it with new, grounded, clear energy for you to tap into and stay energetically grounded in your practices.

Once you've established a strong grounding cord for your sacred spiritual space, It's time to call in exactly what you aspire to be part of your energy. Even writing it out and putting it in a place that is clear or easy to access and remember can help to really affirm it. Include deities you want to work with, energies you want to tap into, the types of spellwork you want to do, elements you connect with, beings and spiritual guides, shamanic totems, etc.

Once this is done, you should have an space that recycles its own energy by clearing old and inviting new.

Stay open minded, and remember that as you change and evolve (as you will and should) it's perfectly natural and normal for your space to evolve with you. Adapt as you feel called to. There is no right way to do this, only your own unique one.

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