Money Reiki Pillar Candle

Money Reiki Pillar Candle

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Money Reiki Pillar Candle

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MANUFACTURER: Crystal Journey
UPC: 674863104160


This green pillar candle stands 7 inches tall and is 1 and 1/2 inches in diameter. It has been energetically charged by an experienced practitioner to aid one with all matters of money, finance, good fortune and wealth. This ritual candle may help to manifest the situations necessary in one's life to increase their earning potential while simultaneously opening up even more opportunities for financial success to enter one's life. The Money Reiki candle is a potent tool for drawing money and keeping it flowing in the right direction. It is suggested that the practitioner who utilizes this candle also inscribe some symbols, that correspond with the intention of the casting, into the candle prior to lighting it. The name of the person or persons the casting is to benefit would be one example of a symbol to carve into the side or base of the candle. This candle may also be anointed further with oils pertaining to the desired end result, however it is not required. This item was handcrafted in the USA.

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