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Symbols of protection against evil.

Symbols of Protection Against Evil Omens, curses and hexes that foretell the coming of dark forces, evil spirits, bad luck and negative energies are rooted in ancient superstition and folklore. As a result of these long-held, widespread cultural beliefs most regions around the world have come to rely on various protective symbols to ward off evil, and invite the positive forces of the universe into your life.

Here are a just a few of the most commonly seen magical protection amulets, sacred talisman and their historical origins ...

Evil Eye Protection Symbols, Ancient Talisman, Arrow Wear( an arrow head amulet on a silver chain) for protection from illness and to guard against the evil eye. In ancient times, it was believed sleeping with an arrow pulled from a human body worked as a love charm. American Indians believed that wearing a highly polished arrowhead as a talisman was a symbol of male strength. It would deflect negative energy, protect them from their enemies and absorb their power.. It would also defend them when they entered the happy hunting grounds after death.

Italian Horn or Unicorn's Horn and Leprechaun's Staff Introduced by the Druids; the horn is associated with good luck and good fortune. It is also used to ward off "Maluka" or the Evil Eye.

Cat's Eye This gemstone removes obstacles and hindrances from your life, and will ward off the evil forces of Black Magic, spirits, and protect you from the Evil Eye.

Hands In just about every Mediterranean country, charms in the shape of human hands have been powerful symbols of good luck. The ancient Etruscans and the Greeks wore lucky amulets representing a fist with the thumb tucked beneath the fingers. Similar charms with the index finger extended were believed to have power to ward off the evil eye. The "Hamsa" or Hand of Fatimadepicts an eye centered on an open five fingered hand and encourages good luck or helps defend against bad luck. In Muslim countries, the hand is made in honor of Fatima, the favorite daughter of the prophet Mohammad. Fatima was one of only three women worthy of entering heaven.The thumb represents the prophet himself; the first finger represents Fatima; the middle finger her husband; and the others her two sons.

The "Devil's Horn" In many countries, but especially in Italy, the evil eye is thwarted with the so-called "devil's horn," the fist clenched with the index and little fingers outstretched.

Horseshoe Some claim, a horseshoe pointing up for is for protection against sorcery, bad luck and the evil eye.

Onyx Wear or carry black onyx to avert danger, misfortune, and bring you courage, strength and spiritual wisdom. It is said to dispel negative energy, defend against the evil eye and control passionate desires.

The Eye of Horus or the "All Seeing Eye"An ancient symbol, once associated with the occult and now used in modern witchcraft to grant wisdom, prosperity, spiritual protection and good health, It can also increase clairvoyant powers, protect against thieves, and the evil eye.

Sapphires Use these gems to encourage harmony, peace, and contentment. They protect the wearer from misfortune, fraud, enemies, violence, the evil eye, and psychic attacks.

Seal of Solomon or The Star of David Use for protection against enemies, the evil eye, and spirits. It will bring good luck in all aspects of your life. This symbol dates back to the bronze age. Before becoming a prominent symbol of Judaism, the six pointed star was used by alchemists and was said to have been used by Druid priests as protection against evil ghosts.

Snake Wear a rattlesnake's rattle to increase wisdom and sexual power, it also protects against the evil eye.

The Evil Eye Also Known as The "Maluka" The Evil Eye is one of the oldest, worldwide superstitions, dating back over 5,000 years, even before civilizations such as the Egyptians and the Mesopotamians. It was widely believed by the Ancients that certain evil or spiteful people could cause sickness and death merely by casting their Eye on another person. Curse > noun 1. an appeal to a supernatural power to inflict harm on someone or something. 2. a cause of harm or misery.Source- Symptoms of The "Evil Eye" Curse:1. Headache and neck pain and heavy eyelids.2. An acute nagging fear or sense of dread: everything seems to go wrong.3. Stomach pains with dizziness and nausea. Throughout the years, many have called the Evil Eye a foolish superstition. However, it continues to influence many people around the world even today.

Ancient Amulets and Gemstones of Protection

Amber - strengthens the aura, balances the yin and yang. It attracts compassion, protects against evil influences, accidental injury and brings good luck. Four Leaf Clover - Wear or carry for good fortune. It is believed to be one of the most powerful natural amulets. Sacred to the trinity, used by the Druids as a charm against evil, and to obtain clairvoyant powers.

Garnet - Balances yin and yang energies, for psychic sensitivity, sexual energy, meditation to attract soul mates. Place under your pillow to ward off bad dreams and evil spirits. Engrave with a lion to attract good health success, and protection when traveling. To attract a lover wear a heart shaped garnet in a red velvet charm bag over your heart.

Lapis Lazuli - Attracts love, and friendship, aids in meditations. Often used for love spells and to ward off negative energy and evil forces. It is sacred to the goddesses; Aphrodite, Venus and Isis. Pearls - Used for love charms, healing, to protect against fire, and to ward off evil.

Pyramid - Wear or carry to improve work habits, increase energy, improve psychic awareness, attract good luck. Crystals shaped in a pyramid will balance emotions, bring wisdom. When placed under a bed, it protects against psychic attacks, bad dreams and evil spirits. it will also speed healing, cure headaches, and insomnia. Breaks unhealthy habits.

Scarab Beetle - Symbol of the renewal of life. Wear the scarab beetle for good luck and protection against evil forces.

Scorpion - Repels all evil and negative forces. Guards against enemies.

Topaz - Stimulates the intellect, increases courage, happiness, longevity, beauty, intelligence, protects against injury or attack. A Topaz bracelet worn on the left wrist will keep away evil spirits and all forms of magic.

Turquoise - Used as a protective charm for horses and their riders, attracts good luck. To protect against evil influences, carry a piece of turquoise in a blue charm bag on a Wednesday. A carved piece brings good fortune into the house. It is often used as an evil eye counter-charm. Turquoise is known to absorb negative feelings and possess a strong healing vibration.

Unicorn - Ancient symbol of chastity and protection, used to promote fertility, increase sexual magnetism, pierces the plans of enemies, keeps the wearer safe from evil forces.

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