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Incorporating Insence and Scent to your Craft.

Both scent and magick are invisible to us, yet both exist, and when this is both combined, it creates such a powerful connection to the unseen and mystical realms.

Insence sticks together with the burning of herbal blends, serves as an integral part of worship.

So what makes the burning of insence sticks and herbal blends so potent and so significant, which for me, goes as a less discussed topic, is it's ability to give us a direct connection to the mystical realms. We use it daily and because of growing up with this heavenly arouma, I have become accustomed to it.

So the sense of smell is considered to be the most primal of all our senses, and we are always aware of it's potent presence although we cannot see or touch it. The sense of smell is connected to a part of our brain that stores memories, not just our memories, but also the memories of our ancestors which is obviously in our DNA. This deep rooted memories, and the practice of our ancestors and previous generations can be easily triggered by smell, mainly comprising of insence/scent. And this on its own has such a profound impact on ourselves, both physically and emotionally. I'm sure we all at some point have experienced this moments that when you take in a fragrance or aroma, you have this feeling of being transported to a specific time or place on a subconscious level. You feel as if you are present at that time in what is said to be ancient times perhaps, or just a different era. You feel as if you are with the spirit of your ancestors, great grandparents, or the very early generations of your descendants. It's because scent and smell always remains in our DNA and to whom we are connected to.

The burning of insence is considered to be the most essential aspect of spirituality and rituals. Burning of insence can also be considered a doorway to the spiritual/mystical/divine realms. And it's fragrant smoke is serves as a spiritual broom, eliminating impurities and negatives, creating an environment that is suitable, sacred and conducive to spiritual connections.

So incorporating scent to magick, scent magick helps transport you to energy frequencies in which ever way you want to work with it. Scent magick for me is instant magick. I work a lot with candles, scented candles and I can tell you that scent does really elevate or amplify your work. And being a lover for insence, I find that when you find the balance of insence fragrances and scented candles, it's absolutely Magickal.

So a little guide to help you along, explaining different scents and it's significances for scent magick.

Cinnamon - Will help you feel safe and blessings for your home.

Sage- A powerful cleansing herb/insence for banishing negative energies and clear toxic vibrations.

Thyme - Can guide you make the right decisions and helps trust your inner wisdom.

Rose- Work with rose to summon self love and call in love.

Rosemary - Can help you connect with your third eye and inner intuition.

Frankincense - Ancient insence used as an offering to the ancestors and spirit guides for extra protection.

Lemon - Used very often for cleansing and inviting in new beginnings.

Insence on its own is an escape to mind relaxation. It elevates and promotes spiritual connections and reconnects one to their ancient roots.

Practising scent magick can really bring about the presence of a mystical aura all around you ans I trust that you will enjoy this Magickal feeling.

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