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Magic works naturally. Here's how.

How do you make magic work? You don?t copy others' spell. You have to believe in magic and have faith.

Here?s how it works.

First of all, you need to believe in magic. And magic only works when you cast it with a true heart. You need really strong faith! Sometimes magic works even better when you make up your own chants! Because it comes truly from your heart. Magic can sense if you are a fake witch or wizard. Witch and wizards don?t use curses. By the way. Curses are a fake version of magic.?

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Aug 19, 2020
i memory of a beauty/ age reversing spell from a dream memories which goes : turn back the clocks hands of time & bring back my body lost time ... it's still a riddle why i would remember that & it works too it de-aged me but only lasted a few hours/ etc i can't remember because i have trouble bringing back a memory to mind to help or etc me

Aug 19, 2020
also i know that the horror movies candy corn & the terror of hallow's eve is based off a true story which weirdly involves something about magick ...idk / idc really it was strange & new to me...

Aug 23, 2020
Candy corn? That one confuses me, as for horror movies and All Hallow's Eve, it depends. Some horror movies have elements lifted from real life horrors, but they are typically amplified to bring a larger reaction. The Conjuring, for example, is based on true-ish events. Did everything happen exactly how they were claimed and shown in the film? That is up for debate. Especially if you research The Warrens. However, the way they show a shadow surrounding the family from Lorraine's view, or seeing a spirit reflected in a mirror, these are usually how people see spirits, or at least how many people I have spoken with describe seeing them. Levitation, sudden storms, and full apparitions, do not happen that way. As for All Hallow's Eve, you should research the holiday as well as Samhain for a full picture. You might benefit from Llewellyn's Sabbat Essentials Samhain, as it delves into the history of the holiday around the world in a historical context before focusing on modern celebrations. October 31 has been seen around the world as a moment where the spirits can return from the dead to visit loved ones and all manner of mischief occurs. Carving pumpkins use to be carving turnips as a way to scare off evil spirits. In fact ''jack-o-lantern'' was ''Jack of the lantern'' an Irish tale of a man who tricked the devil twice and was kicked out of heaven and hell. He was given a coal from hell, placed in a lantern, and wanders the land tricking people who follow him. There's also the Norse belief of The Wild Hunt where Gods and folklore creatures like fairy's go hunting. If you witness this hunt, it spells disaster. For most Pagans, Samhain is the new year, the final harvest, the point where we say farewell to the old and look forward to the new. To ward off evil, we decorate our homes with jack-o-lanterns. As for costumes, historically, it was to trick the wild hunt if you were out, but many Pagan's today dress in outfits to show what they wish for the year ahead. For example, a character you admire because you wish to gain their qualities in the coming year. Our loved ones can return to visit us, but it is a time of divination, spirit work, and the final preparation of winter. As time moved on, Christians turned the holiday into a demonic one and they would cower inside, convinced evil was lurking in the darkness. Skip ahead to about 1900 when the children of Irish immigrants were keeping the Halloween spirit alive and well, dressing in costumes and pulling pranks. Locals would leave candy as a bribe so the kids would not vandalize their home. A hundred years later and bribing costumed kids with candy is still a thing, though now it has become ''Halloween is devil worship, have the kids come to the church and get candy to celebrate the harvest'' which is a whole other thing I do not wish to get into.

Aug 19, 2020
Sorry SpaRabbit, I disagree with most everything posted here. ''Witch and wizards don?t use curses. By the way. Curses are a fake version of magic.?'' Witches can and do use curses. Curses are not fake version of magic, they are real and they are as powerful as anyother form of magic.

Aug 20, 2020
actually there is all kinds of strange/new/old/etc types magic out there which either have or haven't been discovered yet ... but no yet said a word about what i said on August 19th,2020 which i stated is true but there is a lot of horror/etc movies out there based on true stories which have or haven't been discovered due to they have or haven't seen the movies due to the day/month/year they was born but they always show reruns in certain time slots/etc ....

Aug 21, 2020
Magic, also spelled Magick, is a natural energy that brings natural change. It is a neutral force that is not black or white, good or evil. When someone focuses this energy, it is the interaction with us that gives it a positive or negative charge. Magic on the physical plane is ruled by nature and does not defy nature on the physical plane. While belief is important, it will not defeat reality and make the impossible possible. Spells use Magic but they are not linked. You can believe in Magic but not in spells. Spells are ways to focus the energy of Magic on a desired path to bring a desired goal. You take items with natual enery similar to your desire, charge the neutral Magic energy into you, then focus and release it as you cast the spell. Afterwards, you must work to achieve your goal. Magic is not instant, it charges the energy around you to vibrate at a frequency that will attract your desired goal towards you easier than if you did not cast any spell. Witch is a gender neutral term the majority of practitioners use. Though a few are trying to reclaim the term wizard, it is not very popular and is even looked upon as silly to call yourself one. As I mentioned, Magic is neutral and your intention gives it a charge. You can curse as well as heal and there is nothing wrong with that choice. While you will meet people who frown upon those who curse, there is no rule against it. The reasons people do not curse usually boil down to personal ethics and morals. I suggest before you cast any spell, you take the time to sit with yourself and ask yourself what you feel is right and wrong. Setting a strong foundation before you, example, get angry and want to curse someone, will give you somewhat of a moral compass to reconsider your actions by. I believe in The Threefold Law, and I know people who believe in The Rule of Nine or Karma, but there is no set in stone law of the land when it comes to Magic. It is all determined by your own morality. Magic will always return to balance as it is Magics natural state, but how this balanced is achieved remains a mystery.

Aug 22, 2020
i can't disagree magick has it's own laws /etc .... but no one mentioned about me remembering that spell from my dreams or the movie thing i mentioned ... but it's you're free choice if ya'll want to talk about it but i really need some insight about it because i'm a beginner to magick ....

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