Sexual Ritual To Honor The God & Goddess

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To Honor The God & Goddess.

You will need: Pink, strawberry flavoured condoms for love and fun Massage oil with ylang ylang and rose gernanium essential oils - pure aphrodisiacs Musk and patchouli incense for lust Red and pink candles for love and passion Pink tiger lily flowers or other opulent, pink, sweetly scented blooms Vanilla bean icecream for happiness White soft feathers Set up your space with candles and incense burning. Place the flowers in vases and scatter the feathers around so the area is opulent and inviting. Honour the God/Goddess within your lover by indulging them in sensual pleasures (all acts of love and pleasure are sacred to the Goddess!) - tickle them with feathers, eat icecream off them, massage the warm oil into their skin, maybe even drip some of the candle wax on them for extra excitement - and have fun using the condoms! The whole time be aware that you are worshipping them, celebrating everything that is pure and holy about humanity - our divine sexuality!

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Feb 19, 2020
Romantic evening dedicated to the Lord and Lady. You can devote anything to your deities if done so mindfully. I would expand on this ''ritual'' by including a few chants, have one partner wearing horns to symbolize the God and the other a crown or moon to represent the Goddess. As is, it is less a ritual devoted to them and more a sensual experience with your partner. Furthermore, if you wish to preform The Great Rite, it is commonly preformed symbolically by placing ones Athame into the chalice.

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