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This article will show you what magick is and isn't. This article is great for beginners who are starting to learn magick.

What is magick?

Magick is energy. It is a natural, neutral energy, that brings natural change. Magick can be spelled many different ways, magic, magick or majik are the most common ways. The spelling "magick" is the most common. While this spelling has been found throughout centuries, it was popularized at the turn of the twentieth century by Aleister Crowley to differentiate the difference between fake stage magic, and real spiritual magick. Regardless of how one chooses to spell it, it doesn't change the fact that magick is a natural energy of change.

What can/can't magick do?

Magic brings natural change. We can use it in spells to charge the energy around us, a person, or situation, to bring a desired outcome. It can be used to create a ritual space where we can speak with our deities. It can help us grow, to heal, to find balance. It also helps us use our energy in rituals. Magick can also be used to create a psi (ki or chi) ball, shielding, and grounding. Our interaction with this neutral energy is what gives it a positive or negative charge. Negative energy lingers far longer than positive and can be difficult to shake off. Grounding is one way to send the energy back to nature and return to its neutral state. What isn't magic? Magic isn't like <>emFrozen where you're granted ice powers or Harry Potter where you get to fly on brooms, shooting lightning from wands, fighting shape-shifting evil wizards. Those spells don't work because this would contradict natural law, and magick is an energy found in nature, which is why it cannot change our DNA to become a werewolf, or get powers. Magick is nature.

But why are there spells on this site that say I can do those impossible things? It's magick!

This site was founded a long time ago, and many of those spells are old. One of the earliest features was the ability to make a coven and post spells. Anyone can post anything, and eventually, it got out of hand, so the feature to create new covens was shut down. These fake spells, however, create a lot of traffic for the site, which brings in ad revenue, keeping it free. Provided a spell doesn't promote harm or breaks the site rules, it will be filed under Fantasy or Trick as a way to subtly tell people they aren't real. That said, there are working spells in these sections, but they are buried under the fake ones. Faeries, mermaids, dragons, werewolves, vampires, angels, demons, spirits, are all believed to be real creatures, but not physical. These would be spiritual, astral beings, who dwell in a realm parallel to our physical plane. Like working with Gods, some work with these spiritual beings and call on them for guidance and assistance. However, you will not become one, as it contradicts nature.

Good luck to new beginners!

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Jun 03, 2019
i found this very useful

Nov 14, 2020
Thank you for posting this.

Feb 22, 2021
This is a really good explanation, thank you.

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