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Information on the creation & use of thought-forms

First of all anyone interested in thoughtforms should under stand this; when you think, energy of the kind you thought uses is put out into the universe.  So, if I were to think about negative and unhappy things, negative energy will be released out into the universe.  Sometimes, this energy becomes strong enough to become semi-concious, this is a thought form.

Thoughtforms can be used for many things, not just negative, as they can be made with any emotion. For an example, I could implant an emotion into someone using a thoughtform.

To create one, you follow these steps:

  1. Meditate
  2. Decide what you want your thought form to do (be very specific)
  3. Create a chi ball
  4. now visualize that the commands for the thoughtform are being placed into the chi ball
  5. Now begin to think about the emotion you want the thoughtform to carry, feel it, and put that energy into the chi ball
  6. Release chi ball into the universe to do it's command

Some things to remember to put into the commands:

  1. You may not harm.
  2. You can move around any obstacle in your path.
  3. You are to revert back into normal energy after you are finished
  4. You can feed off of the universal energy to do your commands
  5. You may not feed of of the energy of any living being


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