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Faeries are notorious for their mischief and are difficult to stop. The incantation that follows is used for binding a faerie in a stone and stopping their mischievous and harmful acts. A smooth stone should be selected from the bottom of a river or stream. The stone should not be bigger than the fist of a man and should have no bright coloring about its exterior. The stone should be laid in a bed of freshly turned soil on the seventh eve of the month. A circle should be drawn in the soil round the stone with a wand or branch of oak. The following invocation ye should speak to summon assistance in thy task: Spirits of the Seven Winds, circle thee now this stone. Draw forth from the legions of thy strength a noble soldier, able in the art of war and deception and predisposed with cunning and trickery. A faerie of a mischievous turn hath settled in its way and great harm doth it seek to incur. Spirits of the Seven Winds draw forth from thy legions this single spirit. Send it to its task that thy commandments it may keep under the fear of retribution and disfavor in thine eyes. Let thy servant soldier do thy bidding at mine behest that this faerie be bound in this stone to time eternal and thereby meddle no more. Spirits of the Seven Winds, as this I ask, so therefore, let it be so. The stone should be placed at the entrance of thy house so that the faerie be captured and bound. The stone should never again be moved lest the motion release the faerie

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Feb 19, 2020
This article needs an edit, but this is indeed believed to be a way to trap a Fae. Personally, I would strike a deal with them because I would not like to move houses and incur the wrath a a fairy once I or the new owners move the stone.

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