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Information on and magical uses of amethyst.

Associations :

Associated Gender: Female/Feminine

Elements: Air, Water

Ruling Planets : Jupiter, The Moon

Associated Chakras: Crown, Third Eye

Astrological Signs : Aquarius, Pisces

Uses in Magic :

Healing: If used in gem elixirs, when paired with rosemary it can help with memory. It can be used in gem elixirs with lavender to aid with relaxation and soothing stress.

Protection : Amethyst can be worn as amulets for protection and to keep negative energies and malevolent spirits away from the wearer.

Love and Friendship: Amethyst can be used in spells and rituals to help draw love and friendship into our lives, it can also be used to help soothe emotions in love and friendship, when there is fighting or quarreling.

Peace and Stress Relief : If carried with you or placed under your pillow, it can help relieve stress and bring peaceful dreams.

Psychic Awareness: Amethyst is commonly linked with psychic awareness and psychic visions. Sleeping with one under your pillow is believed to bring psychic dreams. Carrying it with you for mediation work is said to help with psychic an third eye development. It can also be added to spells and rituals to help with psychic development.

Sobriety : According to folklore, carrying amethyst is said to help with alcoholism and keeping those who suffer from it sober.


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