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This ritual covers Godform assumption and divestment.

Things to Understand and Do Before Performing this Ritual:

  • Develop a relationship with your personal Deity
  • Devotions and offerings should be given to your personal Deity on a regular basis
  • Time should be spent researching and studying the Deity's traits, characteristics, stories and appearance until you are very familiar with the many aspects of your personal Deity
  • The ability to control your consciousness through meditation and trance states
  • The ability to center yourself
  • You must have an understanding of energy work
  • The ability to cast a magick circle
  • You should be comfortable with visualization techniques
  • Have an understanding of grounding of the self (for after the rite)

Before Beginning Ritual

  • Have a favorite physical image of your personal Deity in hand (helps when first performing this rite)
  • Have a notebook ready to record everything that happens within the ritual when you are finished so that each time you do this ritual you have record of it to remember and compare
  • Make sure you have plenty time in your day to perform this ritual, you do not want to be rushed in any way
  • Choose a color to represent the energy used in this ritual
  • Be in a comfortable position (standing or sitting)
  • Make sure you have enough room around you for big arm gestures
  • Choose an offering as a token of thanks to the Deity to offer at the end of this rite
  • Cast your magick circle

1: Preliminary Meditation

  • Sit or stand in the center of your magick circle
  • Get into a calm and meditative state
  • Begin to internally summon your personal Deity by focusing on the most recognizable parts of your Deity first, what is the Deity most known for, how do they look in general
  • Project into the image feelings of devotion, worship and love

2: Centering the Self

  • Stand in the center of your magick cicle with your arms down at your sides
  • Begin centering exercise, which consists of visualizing your chosen color of energy moving up specific body parts in ascending order:
    Foot - Knee - Groin - Crown
  • While doing this your breath should be drawn up ito the body, held, then exhaled
  • While exhaling, bring your arms above your head, allowing your fingers to shake and vibrate

3: Primary Invocation

  • This part consists of words that will establish the identity of the Deity
  • Describe in great detail the appearance and characteristics of the Deity
  • This is when the physical image of the Deity will be needed at first
  • Focus now on more of the details of the appearance and think on the Deity's role
  • Can be memorized or written but should become automatic
  • Sense the Deity beginning to materialize before you, see Their appearance and feel Their power
  • Fold your arms tightly against your sides in right angles, hands closed
  • Move your arms foward so that your arms are now straight out in front of you with your hands open fully and your palms up in a typical receiving pose
  • This shows that you are ready to receive the Deity

4: Second Centering

  • Do the centering exercise again, this time see the colored energy moving in a descending order:
    Crown - Breast - Groin - Knees - Feet
  • Begin to draw the Deity down into the self, by visualizing the Deity's energy connected to your own energy and then being drawn into your body

5: Mantle of Glory

  • With your hand, draw an equal armed cross on your torso:
    Head - Groin - Right Shoulder - Left Shoulder
  • Align the points visualized so there is a cross of colored energy formed from the four points
  • At this point the image of the Deity that was drawn down into your self is linked and bound by choice to your body

6: Secondary Invocation:

  • Begin to summon the Deity into manifesting within the self
  • Start to intone a second invocation by asking, imploring and entreating the Deity to descend into the self
  • Draw a triangle on your body with the colored energy, through the points at:
    Left Breast - Right Breast - Groin
  • This establishes a gateway (with your heart at it's center) in which the Deity will enter your body, passing from Their world into you

7: Projection of the Deified Self

  • Perform the centering ritual for the third and final time with colored energy, using the points of:
    Feet - Torso - Head - Beyond
  • This is done with a flourish of the hands in an upward motion
  • Internally summon the Deity, repeating the Deity's name over and over
  • This is done with delibrate slowness and intensity, growing more intense as you speak
  • Do this until the potency of the Deity is felt fully throughout one's being
  • With arms fully raised and eyes to the heavens, repeat the mantra:
    "I am Deity (Deity name), the Deity (Deity name)"
  • Say this until it becomes momentarily realized fully

8: Communion with Divinity

  • At this point the Godform is fully assumed, you are the Deity and the Deity is you
  • Feel free to exalt in feelings of personal empowerment, spiritual alignment with the Deity and spiritual ascendance
  • Feel free to stablalize this moment in your head
  • Or to have a conversation with the Deity
  • Or perform certain tasks like blessing with breath and hands

9: Final Gesture

  • After the Godform is fully realized, it is important to meditate on the image of the Deity
  • Send feelings of thankfulness and give a loving farewell to your Deity
  • Divest yourelf fully from the Godform at this point (Sign of Silence is a good movement to do to help with this)
  • Divesting yourself fully of the Deity is very important
  • This is a good time to use a grounding exercise to ground your energy fully
  • Close your magickal circle
  • Leave an offering on your altar or shrine for the Deity giving your thanks to Them for this experience
  • Don't forget to now record your experience

*These are from notes from the book : "Spirit Conjuring for Witches: Magical Evocation Simplified"
By: Frater Barrabbas






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