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This article deals with the basic things that may be written in the 'reference' tab in your Book of Shadows

Your Book of Shadows is your very own spell book. You write down spells you cast, their results, day to day observations, and many other magick related things.

However, one very important aspect of the Book of Shadows is its 'reference' tab. That is, pages dedicated to writing down magick references that you may need from time to time. However, many people get confused on this part and couldn't think of what to write. This article aims to solve that confusion.

Note, this is just a suggestion of what a 'reference' tab should look like. You can always write it as you want.

Assuming, the reference tab is starting from the beginning of your book, the following must be added:

1. The Wiccan Rede--

The Wiccan Rede or the 'Wiccan Law' may be written at first to start your book. It is basically an advice to remind you that you must use magick to do good to others and not harm someone. Draw a pentagon and just below it write the rede.

2. Wheel of the Year--

The wheel of the year is a visual representation of the different events and their associated dates. Write down each event from Imbolic to Yule. If you prefer a non-visualized version, simply write them in a list form. A list of events can be found in this website itself. (

You can always do a quick google search for the structure of wheel and how to draw it.

3.Moon Phases--

This is perhaps one of the most important references to have. Write down different phases of the moon and their effect on magick. You can also draw the moon to make it more good. A list of phases can be found in this website too.

4. Crystals and their Powers--

Here, you can list some common crystals and write down their powers and how you can use them for rituals.

5. Elements and their Correspondence--

You can write down the names of four elements (fire, water, air, earth) and what they represent. For example, water represents twilight, autumn and the direction of west.

You can also draw a circle and divide it into four parts. Then write the name (and symbol) of each of the four element and their correspondence in each of the quarters respectively.

6. Runes--

If you practice rune magick, you can dedicate a page or two for a list of Eleder Futhark Runes and their powers. A list of the runes can be found here: (

7. List of Herbs--

Although more suitable for the herbalism section of your book, you can always write the medical and spiritual usefulness of certain herbs and make a list of them.



As stated above, the 'reference' tab is for your reference when casting magick. It is important for avoiding to go on the internet everytime you forget what does a common crystal means or what a moon phase hold significance.

You do not need to design your reference tab as mentioned above. Just experiment with it until you get what suits you.

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