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My own take on a few different techniques for a couple of the basics of magick.

I've seen a lot of posts of requests for a teacher/mentor and I'm sure there are others that want one. Since everyone should start out with the basics, this is my version of them.

Basics include meditation, visualization, energy manipulation, grounding & centering, and shielding. The exercises I include can always be tweaked to work better for you. Doing these exercises everyday for about 2 weeks is a good start, then every other day, then every week, etc. It's important not to stop, it's like losing your touch with it.

Visualization will help you adapt your sense of capturing a goal with magick, be it path working, spells/rituals, or anything else that might require it. It can be used for a lot of different things.

Exercise 1
In this first exercise we will focus on the sense of seeing. The goal is to see as clear as we would if our eyes were open. Sit in your meditation position, close your eyes and relax. You see blackness all around you, the absolute nothingness. Black everywhere. In the center before you, you see an apple. Focus on that apple and try to see it as clear as you can with as many details as possible like it's a real apple but you see it with your eyes closed. Watch it turn and see it all. When you have a good shot of it, you can move on to the next exercise.

Exercise 2
As in the previous exercise, sit and relax. You see yourself in a forest clearing sitting down. See the forest as clearly as you can but don't focus on seeing this time, focus on listening to the birds on the trees, the noise the leaves make because of the breeze, the song of the flowing water near you. Just sit there and listen to the forest, the nature. The goal of this exercise is to hear everything around you as clear as possible, as you normally hear things every day in your life. When you think you've started to hear as if you were really there, you're ready for the next exercise.

Exercise 3
This exercise is similar to the previous one though this time, you will not only see and listen to the forest but you will be focusing on smelling too. Smell the odor of the leaves on the ground, the flowers nearby, the woods, the grass... The goal of this exercise is to smell the area around you as you would if you were in a forest. To be able to use your sense of smell as if this forest were real, right in front of you.

Exercise 4
In this exercise, you are in the forest clearing again but this time you will stand up and start walking in the forest. Feel the steps you take, the sensation of your bare feet when touching the grass on the ground. You see flowers nearby, kneel down and touch one, run your fingers on its petals then stand up and touch a tree trunk, feel your hands touching the trunk. The goal of this exercise is to feel what you touch as you would if you did it physically.

Exercise 5
Back in the forest again walking around. keep walking and walking as you see the forest around you, hear the sounds of it, smelling it's odors and feeling your feet touching the ground. As you walk, you see an apple tree in the not-so-long distance. Walk to it, hug the tree and feel it's trunk as you hug it, smell the odor of it's trunk, the leaves on the ground, hear the birds on it's branches singing, the noise of its leaves moving in the breeze... There you see apples hanging on its branches, take it and spin it in your hands. Now bite it and taste it. Feel the sense of taste as strong as you can, as if you were eating an apple in real life, as if the apple were truly in your hands and you were truly eating it.

Energy manipulation is a technique to grasp and control amounts of energy to send to the universe for your goals. Energy is the basis of all magick, without it, you won't go far. Here's a couple exercises to get you started.

Exercise 1
Sit in a comfortable position and get relaxed. Have your palms 1 or 2 feet apart, facing each other, resting on your knees. Visualize a ball of energy in your chest. Then send this energy (using visualization) through your arms and palms, creating an energy ball between your palms. Really see it, make it clear to your minds eye. Now slowly move your palms together. You should feel a sort of pressure, cause it really is there! Don't stress if you don't get it right away, practice makes perfect. When you are finished, I suggest you ground the energy. To do so, just visualize that energy going back to mother earth and letting her take care of it. This is used energy and is unwise, in my opinion to keep it after it's been used.

When you feel like you've got this down, here's an advance version.

Exercise 2
Do the same as you would in exercise 1, but when you have the ball of energy (also called a psi ball by some), manipulate it into different shapes. Try a ovular shape, a pyramid, a square. When you think you've got that down, try something more detailed. Try shaping it into a fruit, like an apple, or maybe a leaf, with the veins and everything.

These are good exercises to develop and strengthen your energy manipulation skills. Energy, like i said, is the basis to magick. Without it, don't expect to get far.

Grounding and centering is a technique to rid your body and chakras of any negative energies, recharge them, and to feel renewed. the 7 main chakras from bottom to top, are root chakra (tailbone), sacral chakra (between the bellybutton and tailbone), solar plexus chakra (between the heart and bellybutton), the heart chakra (heart), the throat chakra throat), the third eye chakra (between the eyebrows), and the crown chakra (top of head). the colors of chakras are important because they represent each one, the colors of the rainbow; root(red), sacral(orange), solar plexus(yellow), heart(green), throat(blue), third eye(indigo or purple), crown(violet or white). As some might see these as the only colors, you CAN indeed substitute for colors of your own choice, whatever feels right to you.

Exercise 1
Get in a comfortable and relaxed position. Visualize a root sprouting from your root chakra and going into mother earth. Go deeper and deeper until you see a glowing white crystal. Wrap your root around it tighter and tighter, and start taking its energy. Take as much as you need and send it up through the root. Now, recharge each chakra, bottom to top. I usually see a darkened color or smudgy colors when they need to be cleansed. After you recharge/cleanse each of your chakras, let the rest of the pure white energy 'explode' and fill you with that pure white energy, every single inch of your body. Let it explode from the top of your head down, also moving all negative energy back to mother earth through that same root, for she will take care of it. When you have finished, visualize cutting that root to sever the connection for now. You should feel pretty good now. :)

Exercise 2
This exercise is the one I use now, for it's more physical than the last. Sit outside and put your bare feet to the ground. Visualize energy seeping through your feet and again, recharging and cleansing your chakras. It is the same way as exercise one, but there is no ball. Its waves of energy cleansing as it goes up. When you have finished, visualize this same energy pushing out the negative. Picture it as whatever you would like and just push it through your feet back to mother earth.

These exercises are very good for keeping and maintaining cleans chakras with energy, and are a good way to recharge whenever you feel drained.

Shielding is a technique to produce an energy shield around yourself to keep out negative energies and curses. (its more than likely you will not be targeted for an attack like a curse or hex.

Exercise 1
Get in a relaxed and comfortable position. Make sure you have no worries and you can focus on this and this only. Visualize a ball of energy in your chest. Visualize sending personal energy into that ball as it gets bigger and bigger until it's a kind of 'bubble' surrounding your whole body. Visualize energy 'charging' your shield, send the energy to your shield. This is the shield I started with and is great for starters.

Exercise 2
Get in a relaxed and comfortable position as in exercise 1. Clear your mind and be ready to focus.(this next brick and light part was taught to me by B.Amethyst) You are going to be making a rectangular block around your whole body or your head, whichever you prefer. Starting from the bottom, visualize a bunch of bricks falling tightly into place. Do this as you make the walls and the top. As the last brick falls into place, visualize bright golden energy coming from where the cement would be to hold the bricks together, not from the bricks themselves. Do this however you feel comfortable with doing. I prefer to do parts of 2 opposing sides first, and then the other 2. I also prefer to go around the wall with the light spreading like a fire.

Exercise 3
Do the same as exercise 2, but instead of the light appearing, start a whole new layer. Then when the last brick falls into place in the second layer, visualize the golden light appearing. When this part is finished, I also layer a bubble shield around it also.

Shielding could be very useful in keeping energies, things, and people out.

Now, doing these exercises will help develop control over your energy and begins you on your journey through magick.
If you have any questions regarding these basics or absolutely Anything else, feel free to ask. :)

Blessed Be

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