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Name: roseus
Location: london
Gender: Female
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hi !!! i'm roseus, or ro for short.
i'm a seventeen year old wiccan, writing my college dissertation on modern witchcraft. i'm particularly interested in reading and i study philosophy, psychology and biology. i'm pretty mentally unwell so forgive me if i'm inactive or short termpered - i'm doing mmy very best to reconfigure my life.
when it comes to the craft, i specialise in :
- history and lore, in particular relation to feminism, ecology and media
- ethics, the rede and the threefold law
- adaption of ancient greek metaphysics
- water and river magick
- incantations
- astrology
i always enjoy discussing the craft and the wiccan community as a whole, both online and offline. i enjoy respectful debates, so feel free to mail me if there's anything you'd like to talk about!