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Name: Sara63
Location: London UK
Gender: Female
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Hi I'm Saz
Acolyte of the temple of black dragon.
I have been learning and practicing for 10 years. Dabbled in this and that. I am not limited to anything. I love Hermetic Magick and learning about anything esoteric. I'm really interested in Taoism at the moment and Qi healing.
My power comes from the great Babylon, centre of Middle Eastern magick, the temples and mountains of Kurdistan. The history of our power was so rich that there were myths that Kurds of Mesopotamia were Djinns.
I'm a Taurus sun, Sagittarius moon, and Libra rising.
8th house stellium- death, sex, and magick. Rebirth and transformation is in my veins.
My favourite colours are dark red (sensuality) and black (protection).
The main colours of my aura - white, gold, and indigo. I have some blue and violet as well.
My areas of practice include:
Psychic abilities
Lucid dreaming
Transcendental meditation
Palm reading
Tarot, angel, and oracle
Runes and sigils
Tea leaf readings
Sex magick/bindings
Cord cutting
Protection ritual
I'm happily taken, stay back if you're a weirdo.
Go to my website to purchase an amazing tarot reading. You must message me first so I can approve your question.
I love music and poetry, and deep conversations....Always searching for deeper meaning in life.
Looking to make friends with more LGBTQ+, POC, women, creatives etc.
Don't message me if you have no bio or profile photo.
Not interested in the far right or people in organised religions/cults. You will be blocked.
Blessed be.