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What to do when you're a secret Witch.

Remember to research your country's laws about the practice of magick to make sure you aren't breaking any. 


So, you're a closet Witch. Perhaps you have a roommate who would be appalled at the idea of magick or Paganism. Maybe you live on your own, but your strict, Christian family often visits without warning, and you know they would have questions if they saw an altar in your house. You may live in a dormitory or apartment complex, and the close quarters make it difficult to do anything without the rest of the building knowing. Whatever your situation, you want to be a practicing Witch, but the circumstances make it difficult. Here are some tips and tricks to help out. 

1. What to do about a book of shadows or grimoire? You don't have to draw pentacles all over the cover. You can just buy a plain journal and use that to record any spells or rituals that interest you. If you are worried about someone snooping, though, you could make an electronic book or shadows or grimoire. 

2. What about an altar? It is absolutely possible to have an altar and still be a closet Witch. For one thing, it doesn't have to have obviously "Witchy" things all over it; you might be able to play it off as just decoration. If you want more obvious things on it, though, like a pentacle or statues of your deities, consider a shoebox altar. Just take a plain shoebox and fill it with everything you want on your altar. When you're working or praying, take out everything in the shoebox. Put it back and stash the altar in your closet or under your bed when you're done. 

3. How do you have tools as a closet Witch? This is a bit difficult. The best thing to do is to tone down the tools a bit. You don't need to buy a large, fancy boline when you can just use a kitchen knife. There's no need for a wand; use your index finger. Instead of a chalice, just use a small cup or bowl. If you do get a fancy, obvious tool, you can stash it in your shoebox altar if it's small enough. You could also pretend it's a Halloween decoration, if it's something stereotypically Witchy, like a besom or a cauldron. 

4. What about casting spells? This gets tricky, especially if you follow a tradition that uses many tools and loud incantations. Try to cast spells when no one is home, or (if possible where you live) outside where no one can see you. 

5. If all else fails, use this time to research. Find as much information about religion and magick as you can. That way, when you are able to practice, you'll be more than ready. 

Good luck! 

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