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How to create crystal grids as well as their uses.

Crystal grids are basically, different crystals placed in a geometric pattern that brings out the energies for each crystal to achieve a goal. They're most often used for protection, and I know a few people who keep them under their beds to dispel nightmares.

How to make crystal grids:

1. Decide on your purpose for the grid. Your clear intention is a key element in empowering the stones' energy. Your intention is what you will use to charge the crystals.

2. Write your intention on a piece of paper (or on the back of a photo that depicts your goal).

3. Find a safe location to create your grid where it will not be disturbed. Cleanse this space. Some cleansing methods include burning sage, placing a crystal cluster in the room, or bowls of sea salt. Flowers, incense, music, candles can be used to add ambiance to your sacred space. If you're choosing a place outside, it would be nice to give an offering to any of the spirits/wights that may be in the area.

4. Place your crystal layout in a geometric pattern/shape. Thought geometry wouldn't ever help you magically? There's a popular practice and study called sacred geometry which loves to prove you wrong. If geometry simply isn't your cup of tea, make whatever shape you feel would be most energetically beneficial to yourself (hearts, triangles, etc).

5. Charge the Master Crystal (or main crystal which properties you're using) and place it in the layout.

6. Relax and center yourself. Visualize your goal having already been achieved with a calm mind and positive intention.

An important aspect of your grid is to have fun with it and be creative. You can't really make a mistake, simply follow your intuition and I'm sure it will be fine.


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