Banishing Spells

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Spell Index => Spiritual Spells => Banishing Spells

A spell of banishment will banish a person or entity from your presence.

If miscast these spells will banish you from their presence. What the difference is is quite simple. Assume you are going to a restaurant, the banished person will not be able to go.

What happens is that if the spell is miscast, you will be the one unable to go.

Banishment spells when used on people often isolate the person, as they are no longer able to be around you, or anyone else you are around.

More Free Banishing Spells

Banishing Incense
Banishing Spell
Basil's potion
Break a Sorcerer's Curse
Brigid home protection spell
Cleaning a Home
Cleansing Elixir
Cleansing Spell
Demon Banishment/Exorcism
Foot Track Banishing
Get Rid of Problems
Give up Smoking
Guilt eliminating spell
Home Purification
Invocation to Banish Fear
Joyful candle spell
Magick Book Blessing
Mental Block Removal
Nine Knots
Othala's Ju Ju Powder
Potion of protecting
Protection ( Mars Water)
Protection Powder
Protecton Spell
Psychic Protection Bag
Relaxation Spell
Reverse a Curse
Rose Petal Healing
Sentinel and Radiant Guards
Shot glass circle casting
Single Room Cleansing
Spirit Banishing Spell
Stone of Protection
Stop Gossip Poppet Spell
Strong Curse Removal
The Kings Spirit
To Banish a Person
To Resolve Conflict
To Send Away Unwanted Spirits
Visualization Meditation
Wyrd Sisters Banishing Ritual
Acoda's Curse Breaker
Akasha's Purification Spell
Bad Habit Banishment
Banish an Unwanted Admirer
Banish Evil
Banishing Chant
Banishing Nightmares
Banishing spell
Banishing Spell to stop Harm
Basic Curse Breaker
Bones of Anger Revenge Hex
Break a Spell or Curse
Bury Pain
Cleanse and Charge your Space
Dark Curse
Divine Banishing
End a Relationship
Evil Eye Amulet
Fear Banishment
Flames of Victory charm
Freeze Your Ex
Get Rid of Unwanted Guests
Hex Breaker Spell
House Cleansing
Juno's Brew
Lavender Bath
Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram
Making Blessed/Holy Water
New Home Blessing
Nightmare Repelling Herb Pouch
Past Problems Away
Projection of the Burning Hand
Reduce Negativity
Revenge Curse
Reverse Candle Spell
Simple Banishing Spell
Simple Memory Erase
Spell to Forget Someone
Spell to Remove Obstacles
Spirit guide
Tern Against Spell
To Banish A Fear
To Banish A Spirit Spell
To erase a painful memory
Trap an Evil Spirit
Universal Eraser
Banish and Cleansing
A Cleansing Spell
A Spell to Say Goodbye to Debt
Acoda's Anti-Acne
Against black magic
An Ahkli Exorcism
Ancient Curse
Angelic Banishing
Anger Banishment Spell
Annoying Neighbor Spell
Anointing Oil
Anti-insomnia Spell
Apple Banishing
Ashes to Ashes
Azrael's Touch
Bad Luck
Banish a Bad Emotion
Banish a Fool
Banish a Person
Banish a Spirit
Banish an Evil
Banish Bad Lovers
Banish Bad Luck
Banish Bad Memories
Banish Cleanse & Protect
Banish Demon Spell
Banish Evil from Kids
Banish Negativity
Banish Negativity Mojo Bag
Banish Poltergiest
Banish Slander
Banish Spell
Banish The Evil
Banish them All
Banish your Negative Thought
Banishing a Fool
Banishing an Enemy
Banishing and Change
Banishing Anything
Banishing Charm
Banishing Jar
Banishing Oil
Banishing Ritual
Banishing Spell
Banishing Spell
Banishing Spell
Banishment Chant
Banishment Spell
Bannishing Evil Things
Basic Door Protection
Be Good
Begone Now
Bind the Annoying
Binding Ceramony
Binding Spell
Black Salt
Bladder Magic
Blessing for the Body
Block a Door
Break Addiction Spell
Break Illuminati's curse
Bring Happiness
Bully Protection
Cancel something
Casting a Circle
Centring negative energy
Charm of the Beast Spell
Cleanse A Room
Cleansing your aura
Clease a Room
Collect Thy Soul of an Enemy
Confusion Oil
Counteraction Spell
Crescent Banishment
Curse Breaker
Cutting Cord
Dark Huntress Oil
Death Upon a Person
Demon Banishing
Demon Be Gone
Destroy Evil Shadow Spell
Destroy Shadow People
Discharge of a Spirit
Disperse Negative Emotion
Divorce Spell
Dre' khye (Ultimate Death)
Eden's Seal of Protection
Emprissioning an Evil Spirit
Erase a Spell You Created
Escape from a curse
Evil Banisher
Exorcism Prayer
Fiery Freedom
Fotget-full Spell
Frozen in Time
Germ Removal
Get Rid of Anger
Get Rid of Someone's Powers
Goofer dust recipe
Hatred Hex
Heal Acne
Healing Abilities
Healing someone
Heather Besom
Help an Addiction Go Away
Hex-A Demon
Hot Foot Powder
House Blessing Powder
House Protection
How to Make Hoodoo Item
Human Ice Cube
Incubus Vanquishing Spell
Keep Away Enemies
Kill Anger
Killing Touch
Knot Your Troubles
Lemon Uncrossing Spell
Lord, Protect Me
Lost & Found
Love needs to Go
Make Someone Forget You
Make Someone Stop Being Rude
Minor Binding
Mirror Way
Negativity Cast Away!
Nightmare Banish
Novice Demonic Exorcism
Orb of Light
Overcome Emotional Pain
Personal Cleansing
Poltergeist Vanquish
Potion of protection
Power of 3 Healing
Protect from Harm
Protection Chant
Protection from a Demon
Protection from Love Spells
Protection Incense
Protection Puppet
Protection Spell
Protective ice spell
Quitting Powder
Really Easy Calming
Release Negativity
Releasing Negative Energy
Remove a Curse from Yourself
Remove a spell
Remove a Spoiling
Remove Bad Memory
Removing a curse
Return to Sender
Revenge On Your Shadows
Rid Evil Spirits
Rid of Evil
Ridding Negativity Spell
Room Cleansing
Sanguis Circle
Secure a door
Shut Up Spell
Simple Protection Spell
Soul Cleansing Chant
Spell of Banishment
Spell to Banish a Ghost
Spirit Repell
Stay Away
Stop Annoying Me
Stop gossip
Stop or Remove Gossip
Stop the Snow Spell
Sun's Last Stand
Tarot card protection spell
The Gaurdian Charm
The Most Powerful Word
To Banish a Pest
To Clean the Home
To Clear Evil Intent
To Cure Alcoholism
To forget my lost love
To give up ... spell
To Kill A Person
To Reverse the Magic
To Steal Angels Wings
To stop someone from Harming
Undo a Spell
Undoing Spell
Universal Protection Spell
Vanish an Entity
Vanquish a Demon
Vaporize an Enemy
Ward off evil
When You Feel Threatened
Witch's Bottle
Your Not Gonna Steal Boyfriend
A Spell for Removing Anger
Ajenjible Banishing Spell
Another Protection
Averting the Evil Eye
Balloon Banishing
Banish Bad Energy
Banish Evil People
Banish Lucifer
Banish Presence Spell
Banish spirit (advanced)
Banishing Bad Energy
Banishing emotional pain
Banishing Grief Spell
Banishment Spell
Basic Banishing Oil
Bastard Cedar Hex-breaker
Bind a person away from you
Black Devil Banishing Spell
Body Cleansing
Break Up Spell
Brief Nightmares
Candle Pentagram
Casting a Circle
Cleanse Object
Cleansing the Home
Cord Banishing
Curse-breaking With Elements
Dawning of the soul
Death spell
Demon Banishing Spell
Demon Send Away Spell
Dispell Negativity
Dream Bottle
Emergency Protection Spell
Enemy move away
Evil Gone
Evil Spirit Vanquishing
Exorcism Spell Imprisonment
Exorcism: The Power of Three
Fat Spell
Flushing Spell
Free of Past Pain Spell
Get rid of a horrible Person
Get Rid of The Powers
Give someone karma
Harleen's Bottle Hex
Harleen's Rusty Nail Spell
Herbal Protection Bath
Home Cleansing
House Protection Spell
Invisibility Spell
Liberate yourself
Make Bad Luck Go Away
Mirror Banishing
No Longer Spell
Old Magickal Exorcism
Overcome Fear
Positive Energy
Potion to Stop Loving Someone
Protective Healing
Purification Spell
Quick Banishing
Remove a Curse
Removing A Curse
Retrieve Your Soul
Revenge Spell
Reverse A Spell
Reversing Spell
Rid Fears
Riddance to Rubbish Spell
Sacred Space Purification
See Your Future Life !
Smudge Stick Cleansing
Spirit Bind
Summon Holly Hollows
Take Away Protection From Ring
Tea Meditation
Thorn Banishing Ward
To Find Peace
Ultra Deluxe Banishing Powder
Vulture Spell
War Water Hex
A Rainy Day Spell To Banish Sorrow Or A Bad Habit
Banish Negative Energy Protection Bath
Banishing Diseases and Disorders
Banishing Spell for Bad Spirits
Breaking the Hold Someone has Over You
Cleansing the Body of Negative Energies
Demon Wolf Spell (better than all the other ones)
Exorcism Spell Latin Prayer/ Incantation
Psalm 70 - Put asunder the plans of an enemy
Seven Chakra Cleansing and Awakening
Sparkle's Christian Wicca Banishing
Triple Flame of Cleansing and Luck
Vampire Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
Witch's Blessing for a Home and the Dwellers
Banishing Bruises,Scars,or Scratches
Call Ancestral Entities to Banish Evil
How to Make a Protective Amulet
Out With The Old, In With The New
To banish the evil haunting/following you
A protection against hellish creatures
A spell to temporarily banish a disliked person in your life.
ANNUBIS sacrifice protrction spell
Banish a Spirit from Returning to Life
Banish Evil Spirits and Negative engery
Black Magic Spell to Reverse a Curse
Evil Eye Oil Spell to Lift a Jinx
Getting Rid of Unwanted Company
How to become a human again from any spell
No fears spell by Darkangel678 (tested)
Protect Your Home From Evil Entities
Protection from Evil for Beginners
Purification (To Break a Curse)
Spell to drive away haunted spirits
Spell to Vanquish Someone/thing
Stop People From Entering Your Room
To destroy those with Stolen Power
To Remove/Banish Someone From Your Mind
A Spell to Banish an Evil Spirit
Banish Cigarette Smoking From Your Life
Banishing Negativity/depression/stress
Demon Banishing/Destroy/Protection
Exorcism/Cleansing Spell for a Home
Get Away Ghosts Backwards Candles Spell
How to get rid of Characters that Fellow
La distruzione Di Tutta La Magia
Protection from a an Evil Spirit
Spell to Break Up a Friendnship
Spell to Rid Oneself of a Bothersome Spirit
The Lesser Banishing Ritual of The Pentagram.
To Liberate Someone From Your Life
Unpossessing and Vanquishing demon
taking down powerful forces
banish your power
confidence charm
psi ball
stop cutting yourself
turn a person into a baby
love vs hate spell
spell to banish two people from each other.
Banishing souls
Basic Banishment Spell
Black Tide Cleansing Water
Break the Powers
Circle Cleansing
Cleansing a room.
Cleansing negative energies.
Conflict Healing Spell
Fire of Renewal
Get Rid of a Bad Feeling
Ghost Powder Spell
Good luck Spell
Indian beliefs of Jealousy
Javna Vanquishing Spell
Lemon Uncrossing
Negativity Banishing
Onion Banishing Spell
PDivine Purification
Prayer to Goddess Kuu
Protection from harm and evil
Protection Spell
Protector Candle
Reversal Spell
Reverse a Spell
Sage & Pine Banishing
Shot glass circle casting
Simple Protective Circle
Spell to stop nightmares
Spirits no more
Stop Gossip
Strega Herb Jar
Take away Anger and Pain
Thorn Circle
To Protect You While You Sleep
To Reverse Negativity or Hexes
To Stop Slander or Gossip
Undo Unknown Spell
Unwanted Habit Spell
Wyrd Sisters Banishing Ritual
A Curse From Loki.
Acoda's Protection Spell
Angelic Banishment
Banish A Bad Habit Charm
Banish Demons
Banishing Jar
Banishing Powder
Banishing spell
Banishment of Ghosts
Binding Spell
Break a Bad Habit
Break a Spells Power
Candles of Divine Banishing
Control Your Fears
Depression Banishing Chant
Egg Bath for Peace
Energy spell
Exorcise Spirits
Exorcism Brew
Forget Me
Fright To Someone Spell
Gods and Goddess Plea
Home Cleansing Spell
Imbolc Chants
Latin Elemental Exorcism
Leave me alone (Hoodoo)
Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram
Negative Energy Jail
New Years Purification
Pandora's Box Banishment Spell
Prayer Spell
Protection Ring Spell
Purifying Emotions
Remove a Headache
Reverse a Curse
Simple Banishing
Simple Hay Fever Remedy
Spell to Banish Jealousy
Spell To Let A Lover Go
Spirit Banishing
Super Easy Revenge Spell
The Banisher
To Banish a Shadow
To Banish Bad Luck
To Lose Your Troubles
Undo a Spell
Will They Stay
7-Day Magick Orange of Energy
A simple space clearing spell
A Sphere in the Darkness
Advanced Shielding & Grounding
Alleviate Ones Heart's Desire
Ancient Blaze
Ancient Egyptian Curse
Angelic Banishing
Anger Management Spell
Annoying person go Away
Anti-Madness Potion
Anti-Thief Spell
Ash Anti-Curse
Ashes To Ashes
Bad Doll
Bad Spirit Protection
Banish a Bad Memory
Banish a Person
Banish a Person
Banish a Succubus
Banish an Un-Welcome Entity
Banish Bad Lovers Spell
Banish Bad Memories
Banish Bad Memories
Banish Demon
Banish Evil
Banish Goodness
Banish Negativity
Banish pimples
Banish Slander
Banish Someone You Hate
Banish Spell
Banish Them
Banish your fears
Banishing & Warding
Banishing A Person
Banishing an Evil Spirit
Banishing And Needed Changes
Banishing bad Spirit/Energy
Banishing Evil
Banishing Negativity
Banishing Ritual
Banishing spell
Banishing Spell
Banishing Spell
Banishing with Elemental
Banishment Spell
Banising Oil
Bannishing Fear and Shame
Basic Sage Cleansing
Become Unexpected
Besom Rid of Negative Energy
Binding a Demon or Spirit
Binding Doll
Binding spell
Black Salt
Blessed salt
Bones of Anger Hex
Break an Obsession
Breaking a Hex
Building Ablaze
Candle-Mirror Banishing
Casting/Closing A Circle
Charm Of Mystic Protection
Clean Clothes
Cleanse an Object
Clear a diary or notepad
Coffin Hex
Complete Banishing ritual
Counter a Hex/Curse
Create a Solar Charged Mirror
Curse Absorbtion Spell
Curse Lifting
Dampen power spell.
Dark Message
Death to all Around You
Debt Banishing
Delete a clone
Demon Banishing
Demon Removal Spell
Destroy Necron
Die with The Tigers
Disappearing Dirt Spell
Dismiss God/Godess
Divine Protection
Door Protection/Shield
Easy protection spell
Elemental Hex
Enemy Go Away
Erase hypnosis
Eternity Protection Charm
Evil to Good
Eye Control
Fire spell to banish spirits
Freeze Out
Get Away From Me
Get Rid of Someone
Go Separate Ways
Gossip Banishing
Headache Banishing
Heal Someone
Healing Abilities
Heartbreak Healing
Hell's Curse
Help an addiction go away
Hot Foot Powder Recipe
House Cleansing Spell
House Protection
How to relief stress
Hypnotize Someone!
Instant Karma
Khaire's Nightmare Technique
Killing a Bad Habit
Kitchen Witch Reversing Spell
La' estoire mangos
Letting Go
Loss of Voice
Lovage Away
Magickal Hex-Breaking Doll
Make someone go away
Make Things Invisible
Mirror Barrier
Negativity Banishing Spell
Negativity Energy
Nine Flowers Bath
Nyx's Blessing Charm
Out of My Life
Pain Cure
Poltergeist Vanquish
Poppet Banishing Spell
Potion To Banish a Ghost
Prevention Chant
Protection Chant
protection for an EVIL spirit
Protection from Entity
Protection Incantation
Protection Powder
Protection spell
Protective Health Charm
Purification Spell
Rain Away
Release a House from Haunting
Releasing Anger
Remove a Curse
Remove a Pyschic Vampire
Remove a Spell (easy)
Remove Bad Luck
Remove Evil From A Object
Revenge by torture
Reverse a Spell
RId misfortune from yourselfo
rid yourself of Rats, mice etc
Rumor Eraser Chant
Salt protection/banishing
Saturn Banishing
Shadow Claw
Simple House Blessing
Simple Spell To Help Ease Pain
Soul Torment
Spell of banishment
Spirit Protection
Stay away
Stone Cleansing
Stop Following Me
Stop Hearing Someone
Stop Slander and Gossip
Stress Release Spell
Suppress Memories
The Beer Bath
The Lovers Depart Curse
Three stones of Equal Power
To cast a circle
To Cleanse Negative Energy
To cure a headache
To Disempower a Witch
To Get Rid of an Ex
To grant power
To kill someone
To Rid Yourself of a Problem
To Stop Gossip
To Vanquish a Ghost
Undo Love Spells
Unfaithful Friend
Unknown Evil Working
Vanish Negativity
Vanquishing Spell
Ward Demons From This Place
Ward off Evil Spirits
Witch Bottle for Protection
Yemaya Unblocking
''Bind'' Skill
Air anger
Anger Calming
Anti-intruder Spell
Apology Spell
Bad Juju Removal
Banish a Demon after Summoning
Banish Demons
Banish Evil Spell
Banish Lucifer
Banish spirit
Banish Stage Fright
Banishing Bad Habits
Banishing Grief
Banishing Oil
Banishment Spell
Basic Protection.
Better Jester
Black Curse
Blood Control
Break Up
Breaking a Curse.
Bring Good Luck
Candle Pentagram
Charm of The Yellow Rose
Cleansing a Room
Conquer a fear
Cure Depression
Dark Entity Banishment
Death Curse
Deathly Things Spell
Demon Killer
Demonic Seal
Drawing the Moon Ritual
Eating Disorder Banishing
Enemy Move Away
Evil Eye Removal Spell
Evil Spirit Banishing Spell
Exorcism Ointment
Exorcism the Satanic Way
Eye Colour Change
Forms of Spirits
Four Thieves Banishing Spell
Fruit Protection
Get Rid of Poverty
Getting Over Someone Spell
Happiness Spell
Harleen's Flying Devil Powder
Heal a Fire Burn
Higher Banishing
Home Protection
Imprisonment spell
Letting Go
Message in a Bottle
Most Powerful Addiction Spell
Nightmare Begon
Onion Banishing Spell
Personal Purification Bath
Potion of Liberation
Powerful Banishing
Protection Charm
Purification Cleansing
Purify Aura Energy
Quit an Addiction
Remove a Curse Spell
Repel of Spirit
Return a Hex
Reverse a Curse or Spell
Reverse Your Vampire Curse
Rid Anger Cool Down
Rid One of Thy Siblings
Ring Around the Candle
Saint Expedite Banishing Spell
Samhain Rite
Sealing Using a Pendulum
Spirit Banishing
Spiritual Sin Cleansing
Sush your parents
Take Someone's Powers
The Emotion Bubble
Threshold Protection Spell
To Steal A Soul
Unbreakable Shell Spell
Vacuum Palm
Wand Making
Zip Away
Banish Evil Spirts and Negitive Energies
Banish Worries and Fears Candle Spell
Banishing Evil/Negativity Spell
Blessing for the Heart of the Home
Breakup, Banish and Get Your Ex Back
Clear Negative Energy from a Room
Elemental Binding/Obsession Spell
Make someone leave you alone spell.
Reversing a spell/ Closing a portal
Shamanic Spell/Ritual of Protection
To Rid Yourself of an Unwanted- Admirer
Turn back the spirits of the Dead
Ward Off Psychic Vampire Attacks
A spell to remove bad luck or ill wishes
Banishing Negative Energies and Elements
Foregeting the Pain of a Lost One
Make an Abuser Leave a Relationship
To Banish Hatred and Resentment
Warding Off Unlickiness And Evil Spirits
A Spell to Help a Spirit Cross Over
All four elements protection spell
Artemis Goddess Protection Spell
Banish darkness using the Orbem Potentia
Banishing Nightmare Shielding Spell
Call The Kifune Dragon God Of Water
Get rid of a DemonNegetive Entity, and restore the damage it has done to your chakras. (Very Advanced!!!)
Healing Spell (Air + Water Elements)
Lucid Dreaming, or Controlling the Realms of Night
Poltergeist Banishing: Slamming Doors
Protection from a Specific Thread
Psychic Spell for Negative Energy
Sadness banishment potion *TESTED*
Spell to Trap an Evil Spirit (in a Jar)
Stop an incomplete or complete spell
The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
To Liberate Someone From Your Life
To Transfer the werewolf curse from one to another
A Spell to Banish Negative Energy
Banishing a Negative Spirit (powerful)
Candle Spell To Banish Negative Energies Or Spirits
Emergency and Easiest Banishing
Finnish spell against Evil Spirits
How to get a spell to be successful
How to get Rid of Characters that Follow
Protect yourself from the Boogey Man
Simple and Easy Powerful Protection
Spell to Heal Your Friend Broken Heart
The Binding, and Banishing, of over-powered eldritch monstrosities
To get Annoying Brothers or Sisters to Shut Up
To Quell Mischief Among Your Belongings
protection spell
banish demons
cleansing with light
death potion
spirit defense
stop someones heart
get rid of demons
murder someone and make it look accidentally


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