Banishing emotional pain

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Tools:
  • black candle
  • pen
  • paper
  • open mind

Casting Instructions for 'Banishing emotional pain'

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These are the basic tools for the spell. Add to this oils, ( I like cinnamon
- protection, love, healing) or crystals, stones or whatever you feel you
need to use. You don't have to anything because, the ritual itself is enough
on its own. just remember its YOUR spell.

Choose your dark mother, the one who applies to your situation. I chose Kali
- Ma, as she is the protector of women and children. I also feel strongly
bonded to her. Know your choice of deity! Study her/him.

Find a special spot, preferably outdoors, because you will burn the paper.
Write down all your hurt, and pain, and difficulties. ( sadness, loneliness
... what ever you are feeling) You might even write a letter to the
individual(s) who made you feel this way.

Open your circle, light your candles(s) and speak to the spirit, ask to be
free of the burdens you are feeling. use rhyme if you need to, or if you are
like me and are no good at such things , just talk.

Burn the paper with the writing on it

As it burns, thank the spirit for the taking these burdens from you and
giving you peace. thank her for the gifts you know you will receive.

Imagine yourself free of your troubles. Imagine yourself enveloped by the
goddess' strength and protection.

Close your circle, and bury or scatter the ashes of the paper. Allow the
candle to burn itself out.

Take from this what you need and suits your own needs. I hope it is as
helpful to you as it was to me.


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