A Sphere in the Darkness

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You will need the following items for this spell:

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A Nocturnal opening rite, consisting of a combined banishing and circle casting.

Casting Instructions for 'A Sphere in the Darkness'

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Casting the Cirlce

Stand in a room, which you have made as dark as possible. Imagine that your body is filled with an icy gas-like substance, and that this substance starts to gather in your chest, around your solar plexus. It has a dark purple colour. Spin clockwise three times with eyes open. Close your eyes and spin counter clockwise three times (approximately) a little faster than before. Open your eyes again, and feel the purple sphere within your chest. Breathe in, exciting the sphere making it sort of crackle. When you exhale, imagine the sphere pushing out energy in an oval shape. The sphere itself is not expanding, it is just pushing out this dark purple energy. Repeat this 3-5 times, until the sphere is large enough (you decide when this is). It should form a dome, going into the ground and above your head.

Purifying the Circle (Banishing)

This is your circle. In order to purify it, you walk straight ahead to the edge of the circle. Breathe in, exciting the sphere, and breathe out, feeling energy shimmering into the wall of the dome.

Walk counter clockwise to the next point (1/4 of the circles diameter), and stand here. Breathe in, put your palms together, breathe out and feel the energy go into them. Rub them together, feeling the energy. Place them on the dome, and feel the energy dissipate into the dome.

Walk counter clockwise to the next point, breathe in, feel the energy well into your throat and mouth. Lick the tips of your fingers, and put them on the side of the dome.

Walk counter clockwise to the last point. Breathe in, feeling energy in your entire body. Then, drop to your knees, where the energy will be sent through the floor into the sphere.

Then you can return to the center, and begin your working.


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