Minor Binding

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Item with a hole

This is an easy way to learn to bind. This stops another person's abilities from being used. But it will cause them pain if they try to use it, or unbind themselves.

Casting Instructions for 'Minor Binding'

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First have the person you are binding not know you are going to bind them, this will get them protective subconsciously and their abilities will block yours out. Now take the item (in my case the hole from the handle of a pair of scissors) and place it on the body part the targets abilities come from. Then imagine the shape of that hole is being marked on their skin. Then imagine your energy going into one of your fingers or a thumb.

Once you have it on your finger or thumb, place in inside the hole onto their skin. (It might cause some minor pain on the body part of the target but it just means its working.) Once you have confirmed you have put enough energy to the seal you can remove the item and let them go. Now their abilities will be down tremendously if the target is either weak or really doesnt know theyre being binded. Note: This is not guaranteed to stay for long, it might be broken if they are not weak and then find out they were binded, or if their abilities come from an inhuman source it could be broken as soon as the source finds that it is binded.


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