Demon Banishing/Destroy/Protection

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • (Optional Ingrediants. Not required):
  • White candles(light the candle as you say the spell)
  • White Sage(to burn as you say the spell. walk around with it and cleanse specific areas if you wish)
  • Pepper Spray(spray this around the doors and windows for protection from demons)
  • Salt(Sprinkle this around you, others, and the openings of the area as you say the spell)

This is a spell that will prevent demons and negetive entities from harming you and loved ones being affected by them. It also helps destroy them. But be warned about the destroying part. If you just want to stay protected, then put more intention on being protected from their harms. I suggest getting a medium to deal with banishing the demons if you don't know what your doing.

Casting Instructions for 'Demon Banishing/Destroy/Protection'

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Say this however many times you wish-

"I forbade thee from entering this realm of light,
As I will it so,
Yee shall be burned and tortured by the lights might
Peace beyond to the ones who are tormented by thee,
I release their pain and suffering,
Forever shall it flee,
And peace and protection be restored unto those who greived"

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