Sealing using a pendulum

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -Pendulum (Whatever medium you may have)
  • -Guardian spirit
  • -Will power
  • -Glass bottle and lid (Optional)
  • -Match sticks (Optional)

I have posted about guardian spirits, guides on spirits, as well as other basics now to use my medium, the pendulum for banishing.

Casting Instructions for 'Sealing using a pendulum'

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*Note: I put two items as optional, these items were used by my group during some spirit seals we had done.

Step 1:
Using the pendulum locate the entity you are looking for.

*Note: This is not to play around with them, you only do this when the spirits are violent.

Step 2:
Once you have located them make sure that the room is closed so they cannot escape.

*Note: From here there will be two different ways, one is for the advanced without the bottle and match sticks.

Step 3a:
This is for the advanced people, they can use a skill called "bind" this is like a way to rope the spirit, it is a hard and rare skill, we had discovered this last year during a sealing.

Step 4a:
Once the target is "binded" seal it in a desired area, we normally seal it in an abandoned building with a locked door which no one opens so the spirits don't get out.

*Note: Those are for advanced people with the ability of "bind"

Step 3b:
This is for those with a glass bottle, you set the bottle down and ask your spirit guardian to place the target into the bottle, you then light a match stick and place it inside the bottle, close it and if the fire doesn't go out you have captured it.

Step 4b:
Store the bottle somewhere safe where the spirit can't be released.

*WARNING! Please do not attempt this alone, I have seen some very powerful spirits that can go into a physical form and kill humans, this is not something to be dealt with alone. If you wish to attempt this make sure you have a person who knows how to use "bind"



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