Banish Depression From A Lover

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Rose Candle
  • Rosemary Oil
  • Pine Incense

A spell to relieve a lover who is suffering depression. Requires a basic sense of energy connection and healing energies. Really focus on connecting the energy of yourself and your lover. Meditation beforehand is helpful.

Casting Instructions for 'Banish Depression From A Lover'

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1. Cast the Circle
2. Carve the name of your lover into the candle, along with a heart.
3. Infuse (dip), the candle in the Rosemary oil, avoiding the wick (safety first)
4. Have pine nearby.
5. Burn the Candle and Pine
6. Say (substituting gender appropriate titles):

Let him know my love is real,
And let the pain my love not feel.

Smoke, Oil, Wax, and Flame, send your energy,
Banish his depression, so happy he can be.

As the powers combine, there's one thing he must know,
Worthy he is, truly, to feel this happiness aglow.

7. Send positive energies as you meditate upon the flame and the scents, sending the positive, purifying, loving vibrations to your lover. If you can, do so until the candle is thoroughly extinguished. This may be an emotionally exhausting/tiring spell, so take care of yourself after its completion.

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