Banishing souls

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • ~ Salt water
  • ~ A drain

This spell is for banishing souls, not demons or angels, certainly not gods, and in rare cases - not souls who have stronger energy then you.

Casting Instructions for 'Banishing souls'

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The spell is simple, All you have to do is find the soul your looking for. next, you have to set up some sort of protection, If you trust your own defense then use that. If not, the best idea is a ring of salt and green/white candles, though they are not needed for the spell to work.

next, you have to draw the soul into talking. The best idea is to use a median, such as a spirit board or a simple 'yes no' coin flip. You will want to draw the soul into the cup of salt water, mostly by convincing them it's nicer in there. Once you get the soul's willing draw into the cup of salt water, bind it there.

You should take the soul to a drain. You should say a prayer, or tell the soul that it should leave for somewhere new, and then simply pour the cup away.

Id warn against trying this with demons and angels, or fae or angry filled ghosts, they dont exactly care for being tricked.

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