Cleaning a Home

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • One white taper candle for every room in the house, plus one for each entrance to your house
  • Myrrh, Sandalwood or Sage incense
  • Sandalwood oil
  • A chalice of water
  • Sea salt

This spell is great for cleansing your home of negative energy.

Casting Instructions for 'Cleaning a Home'

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Take a cleansing shower or bath, but before you begin washing, hold the chalice of salt water in your hands, and charge it with white light. Ask to be purified of all negative energies and entities. Pour the salt water over yourself, from head to foot. Visualize white light energy removing all negativity. Then continue with your shower like usual. After drying off, anoint yourself with the oil (on brow, heart, and each shoulder). Ask for white-light protection from the Goddess, and visualize white light surrounding you. Anoint each candle with the oil, starting from the base, up to the top.

Set one candle (and one stick of incense) in each room of the house, and one at each entrance to the house. Prepare another chalice of warm salt water. Walk through your house with the salt water, sprinkling it thoroughly in each room, being sure to get some into corners and closets, behind doors, anywhere negativity can gather. As you sprinkle, you might chant something like: Negative energy may not stay, I release it and send it on its way. Negative energy, I banish thee, And as my word, so shall it be! Say this with confidence and power in your voice. Continue sprinkling salt water in every possible area of your home.

Once youve finished that, light the candles and incense. (Be sure theyre not near anything flammable!) Let them burn all the way down. While they are burning down, sit in a quiet location and visualize white light energy infusing every room of your home. Doing this ritual every few months will leave a calm, cozy feeling in your house. You can also place dishes (or make sachets to hang) of protective herbs around your house. Lavender flowers, fennel seeds, and basil work well at keeping negativity away.


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