Khaire's Nightmare Technique

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Sage (optional, but recommended)
  • Salt (optional, but recommended)

A simple visualization technique to help aid in nightmares.

Casting Instructions for 'Khaire's Nightmare Technique'

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Start with sitting in your room, preferably where you are having these nightmares.

Close your eyes, focus on your breathing, and calm your mind. Do this as long as you want to, or as long as it feels right.

Picture your room in your mind. Every detail. Picture the energy flowing around. Its bad energy, correct? So picture this as a darker color.

Now, in your mind, visualize a white light surrounding you. This is healing, relaxing, and beautiful white light. Its floating, swirling, and glowing around you. This is your energy. It is good energy.

Use your energy to scoot the darker energy out of your room. Feel the sense of peace while you do this, and tell the bad energy that it can no longer be here, because you wish it, and it is not welcome. Push it out the door, and out of your house.

Now, visualize iron bars around your door. Give power to those iron bars. Every window and door to your room should be blocked. This allows no bad energy to enter.

Clear the room with your energy. Remember, you are doing this. Because you have the will to do so. Have confidence.

After this is done, take the salt and make a line across your doorway. Make a line on your windowsill, and a barrier around your bed. This salt will help give your visualizations a boost, and keep all the negative energy and entities out from your room, restricting your nightmares to a bare minimum. If the nightmares do not go away, I would burn sage and do the exact same technique that I just described.


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