murder someone and make it look accidentally

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Picture of person
  • Black candle
  • Voice
  • Pure hatred
  • Scissors

For those who are always insulting you. Make them pay for what they did.
It has been tested and it works!!!

Casting Instructions for 'murder someone and make it look accidentally'

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Take the candle and light it. Then pick up the picture of the intended and look into his or her eyes, and imagine them dying. Then take the scissors and cut the photog into tiny pieces. Pick them up and hold them in you hand. Put piece by piece onto the flame while saying
"This one. This (persons name) has hurt me. It is with great pleasure that he/she shall die. Once they are gone, I shall feel no remorse, feel no pain. This is how it was meant to be. Mess with me once, my blame. Mess with me twice, your flame. Kill him/her now, spare him/her no mercy. This is the will of all, so it shall be."

Let the photo pieces shrivial up and smile evily while gazing upon the flames, watching the person's picture burn and crumple. Think bout how much u hate them, and how happy you'd be when they die.

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