La distruzione Di Tutta La Magia

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Lots of blood( human blood is key).
  • Paper
  • A paint brush.
  • A signature at the bottum.
  • All the colored candles.
  • An alter.
  • All your emotions, wishs, and dreams.

Only if you wish it then so shall it be.

Casting Instructions for 'La distruzione Di Tutta La Magia'

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Use the paint brush to paint the blood in a circle around you and your alter. Surround yourself with each candle and light them. Now on your alter with the paper use the brush to write in blood, "Benedico questo giorno per essere la distruzione di tutta la magia." Then sign it with your signature at the bottum. Sign it with all your emotions, wishes, and dreams.

Warning: In doing this you have to commit to what you have just done. If you do not know latin then learn it. Things all come in to play for a reason and by doing this then you made it to where there is no reason.

I am not liable to any harm this may cause to you or others that perform this spell. I will not be accused of any actions for someone else to perform this spell because it is the caster's choice weather he/she perforn this spell or not.

Note: I have created this spell, but shall never perform it myself. Take this to heart when you read all this.

This article was contributed by Pulse93

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