Get Rid of a Bad Feeling

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Coloured balloon
  • Pieces of paper String Pen

To rid yourself of a bad feeling, someone who is bothering you, or a situation that is difficult to handle, you can use the power of air to shift it away from you. In this spell you can use colour to reinforce the magic. Choose a balloon in the more spiritual colours of purple or blue to work at the highest vibration.

Casting Instructions for 'Get Rid of a Bad Feeling'

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Write on single pieces of paper each thing you wish to be free from. Tie them onto the string at regular intervals like a kite tail.

Take everything up to a high place if possible, a crossroads if not. Blow the balloon up and tie it securely with the string. As you do so say: As I bind these things together may I be free of them forever Release the balloon into the air and watch it be blown away.

As this happens send it on its way with these words Spirits of Air and all things good; Take these problems, lift my mood. Give me freedom, give me rest. And let me be what is my best

Now turn round, walk away and dont look back. When you perform this spell you are allowing the difficulty to be taken away from you. It can however be quite agentle process with usually little conflict or confrontation.

This article was contributed by Angelina_20

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